2019 Facebook Guide Rules And Regulations – Facebook Rules for Posting | Facebook Rules for 2019 | Facebook Rules 2019

Facebook Rules and Regulations – Facebook Rules for Posting | Facebook Rules for 2019 | Facebook Rules 2019 – Facebook is a very popular social media that has a lot of features and uses. Facebook was originally created to ease communication among friends and family. Almost every year a new feature is added to Facebook and as at now Facebook can be said to be a multipurpose social media platform as it can be used for a lot of services and features. Anyone can use Facebook provided you have a Facebook account. Creating a Facebook account is totally free and it is your pass to use Facebook but if you break Facebook rules and regulations you might lose access to your account and won’t be able to use Facebook again through that account.

Like every organization, body or institution, Facebook has some rules and regulations guiding it. These Facebook rules and regulations were created and enacted to make Facebook a more friendly and conducive environment for everyone. Apart from the general Facebook rules and regulations, some of the main features of Facebook also has its own rules and regulations which must be followed strictly.

Anyone caught breaking or violating Facebook rules and regulations faces the risk of losing his or her Facebook account and some other severe penalties. You can get banned if you are caught, you will lose access to your Facebook account, which means you won’t be able to login to use Facebook anymore. Also, the email address or mobile number you used when creating your Facebook account can no longer be used to create another Facebook. So, in order to be on the safe side, you have to obey these rules and regulations completely.

What are Facebook Rules and regulations?

Well, there is a popular saying that goes thus: where there is no law there is no sin. So, wherever there is law, there is definitely sin and the reward for sins or crimes committed is punishments and penalties. In order not to fall, victim to these sins or crimes, you must be well aware of the laws to follow. The following are some basic Facebook rules and regulations.

  • Nudity and all other kinds of sexual suggestive contents are not allowed.
  • Threats, hate speech, and attacks, directly or indirectly on groups or individuals are not allowed.
  • Neither Contents containing self-harm nor excessive violence are allowed.
  • Spams are prohibited.
  • Fake profiles and impersonations are not allowed.

Like I said earlier, these are just some of the basics rules and regulations guiding Facebook. To know more about these rules or regulations, follow https://free.facebook.com/communitystandards to go to Facebook community standards.

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