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2020 Facebook Dating Application – Facebook Dating Free | Facebook Group Search – Hello guys, it’s 2020, and the year is gradually growing on us as the first month of the year is almost coming to its end, as it is with all the years gone past, we always have resolutions, plans, goals to be achieved at the beginning of the year, while it could be financial goals, others may consider fitness, a good number of us may also pick relationship goals to appear at the top of our to-do list, which brings us to our hot topic for the day, concerning 2020 Facebook dating app.

We’ll be taking it one at a time, so stay with me till the end, I’m positive you’ll learn one or two things from here. Facebook dating is a section on the Facebook network where interested people can find each other for relationship interests. Facebook dating is private and very convenient for both parties to freely express themselves without fear of having their activities appear on other people’s newsfeeds.

The 2020 Facebook dating feature does not have an app of its own; it is integrated into the Facebook network and can be accessed through your facebook account, nevertheless, you still need to create a dating profile that will only be available to potential matches. This means your activities won’t be available to your friends on Facebook unless you choose to match with them using a special feature called “ Facebook secret crush “ which I shall be discussing next.

2020 Facebook Dating App | What’s is Facebook Secret Crush?

Facebook secret crush simply allows you to select people you’re friends on Facebook; just like another angle to popular dating site Tinder, but with a slight difference. By default, Facebook dating will never match you to someone you’re already friends with on Facebook, but if you choose to match with a friend on Facebook or if you’ve connected your Instagram profile to your Facebook dating profile, Facebook will notify this person that he/she has a secret crush on Facebook, once the person consents, it’s automatically a match, and Facebook leaves it up to both parties to take it up from there.

How do I get Matched with People on Facebook Dating App for Free | Facebook Dating Application

You may be wondering, “ since I don’t get matched with friends, where and how does Facebook match me with people?. Well, the answer is not far fetched from your Facebook activities. Here are some of the things Facebook look out on your activities before matching you with someone:

  • The things you share on Facebook
  • Your relationship preferences on your Facebook dating profile
  • Facebook Groups and Events you have in common

It’s also possible to get suggested matches by manually looking for matches in events and groups. You can also see your mutual friends if you turn on the ‘ suggest friends of friends ‘ option. Note that when you’re matched with someone, you’ll see all the friends you have in common with them.


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