3 Way Facetime – How to 3 Way Facetime | How to do 3 Way Facetime

3 Way Facetime – How to 3 Way Facetime | How to do 3 Way Facetime – Face time is an app that is very common to the iOS users ;whether you’re using an iPhone or a Mac, as long as you’re using an Apple device with camera, users can video chat with each other by downloading the facet time app from the Apple App Store, later in this article, we shall be discussing what face time is, a group face time and how to 3 way face time.

Face time is a video telephony app owned by Apple, which allows its users to make video calls using their devices. The face time app is very compatible with iPhone devices from iPhone up upwards iPad 2, iPod touch and other newer iOS devices. The app is readily available for download on App Store and the developers of iPhone encourage its users to adopt the beautiful method to call even though it’s exclusively for iPhone users.

A group face time involves video calls with up to 32 people at the same time, which takes the normal 2-party face time to a whole different level. A 3 way face time call or one that involves up to 10 and more persons show the participants of the call on small boxes on the screen, tapping on someone’s tile makes them become more visible for you to see them better.

How to 3 Way Facetime

Now that we have a substantial idea of what Facetime on iPhone is and what it entails, we shall be limiting our discussion today only to 3 way face time. Let’s take a look at how to 3 way face time using our iOS devices. There are two ways to about this; either by using the face time app or using the message option on your device. We take them one at a time:

How to 3 Way Facetime Using the Facetime App

  1. Tap on the Facetime app to launch on your device and tap the plus ( +) icon.
  2. Tap on the plus icon close to the contact of the person you want to do the face time conversation. You may also enter the phone number or Email address of those people you wish to invite.
  3. You may select the video option to make it a video call or go for audio to make it an audio call.

How to 3 Way Facetime Using the Message Option

  1. Tap on the message icon to launch and select the group conversation that you want to use for your video call.
  2. Tap the profile images (you may see an avatar) at the top of the message.
  3. Form here, select Facetime to start a video call or Audio to start the group audio call.

The method does not apply to 3 way, but also for a larger number of up to 32 participants

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