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Ads Size On Facebook – Facebook Ads Sizes | Facebook Ad – Are you looking for a suitable platform to post your ads? Well, if you don’t know by now that Facebook is one of the most sophisticated social media platforms to post your ads, you’ve still got to do some more digging. They are lots of Facebook ad sizes available to utilize. This fact is justified on so many grounds, starting with the most common being Facebook has the population you need to meet your target audience and also considering the time, efforts and resources they’ve put in to make advertising on Facebook very easy on Facebook.

Facebook ads have played a major role in the growth of many online businesses today, and there are millions of ads placement every day on Facebook, so, it’s not enough to just post ads, aim to post ads that will stand out by designing your ads in a very attractive way, meeting all the necessary Facebook ads size and specification.

Facebook Ads Size 

For Facebook users who wish to market with Facebook, you’d probably find a large number of Facebook ads size options to select from in order to fit your budget. Some of the options you get to choose from including the following below:

  • Facebook Feeds ads sizes

This happens to be the most used ad position on Facebook. The Facebook feeds ads are divided into two namely: the Facebook image video ads size and the Facebook video ads size. The recommended picture size and ratio for Facebook image ads size are 1200 * 628 and 9: 16 to 16: 9 respectively, while for Facebook video ads size is a maximum of 4GB video size and 240 minutes in duration of ads.

  • Facebook Carousel ads sizes

This option allows businesses to incorporate images and videos of different products in one ad. This makes it easy for people to swipe through the images to see the variety offered. The ads size and specification for Facebook carousel include :

Facebook carousel image  – maximum text of 125 characters, recommended image ratio 1: 1, minimum image size of 600 * 600  and a link description of 30 characters.

Facebook carousel video  –  A maximum resolution of 1080*1080 pixels, with a minimum of 2 cards and a maximum of 4 cards per carousel ads. Video formats either be mp4 or. MOV and a maximum video size of 4GB, 240 minutes in duration.

  • Facebook Right Column Ads

This used to be the most used standard for ads placement on Facebook, but given that most Facebook users operate their Facebook accounts on their mobile phone than any other device, the demand for this placement has reduced a bit. The size and specification for Facebook’s right column ads are an image ratio of 9: 16 and 16: 9, a recommended image size of 1200 * 628. The image format in. Jpg or.Png, a maximum link description of 30 characters and text of 125 characters.

There are many other options to choose when considering the placement of your ads on Facebook, these three, however, are the most used based on user’s choice and specification. The objective of using Facebook ads for brands and businesses remains the same regardless of the standard you choose to place your ads.

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