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Amazon vs Walmart – Amazon, and Walmart happen to be the two biggest retail stores in the commercial world today. However, for some reason, some customers have their preferences as regards the way both companies operate. Being a very competitive match, the society puts these two household retail players in a spot where they have to be at their best to serve their customers better, and we shall be seeing some of the factors that these two giant companies compete for later on in this article.

Before we go into the Amazon vs Walmart thing, let’s share one or two things about these two companies. Walmart started sometime around 1962 as a grocery and big box store that mainly focused on physical locations. Amazon, however, started almost 30 years later, in the year 1994 as an online bookseller.


Since their advent, the two companies have grown in strength, numbers, and also acquired additional services such as Amazon web services for Amazon and Walmart pharmacy fro Walmart. As a matter of fact, these two have contributed a lot to the progress of e-commerce in the world at large. Let’s see some of the factors that make these two world retailers stand out amongst their peers:

  • They are regarded as the two biggest online retail companies and are always constant rivals of each other.
  • While Amazon dominates online, Walmart leads in physical space.
  • The two brands are a perfect match for each other in terms of innovation.
  • Both brands are always making conscious efforts to deliver the best service to their customers and improve in any area where they may be lacking.

The truth is that the competition between these two brads will get even tougher as time progresses as the line between the new, online mode of shopping and the old, traditional, in-store style continues to get even blurrier.


Competitive Factors Between Amazon Vs Walmart

Now that we have an idea of what Amazon and Walmart are, let’s now get down to some of the major competitive factors that make these two brands a fitting match for each other:

  1. Innovation: Amazon and Walmart are bringing themselves up to speed when it comes to newer and modern means of eCommerce. Amazon GO, which started recently, now has over 17 locations where customers can pick up their goods without having to be attended to by a cashier. Walmart has also set up an automatic chain of pick up where its users can also pick up their goods without the need of any human services.
  2. Digital growth: both companies have since their advent, made a remarkable influence in their growth and have no plans on stopping anytime soon. Walmart has made plans to have over 1500 grocery delivery stores and over 3000 stores having grocery pick up, all before the end of 2019. Amazon, however, is planning to build as much as 3000 GO stores and extend them to the reach of campuses and airports, before the end of 2021.

Some other major factors that put Amazon and Walmart in a major competitive spot include supply chain and logistics retail presence sustainability, customer focus, financials, and other commercial factors.

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