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Aquaman Full Movie Review – Aquaman Storyline in Detail | Watch Aquaman Film – For the first time, DC Comics has developed a full length film about the Superhero character “Aquaman”. The movie talks about the superhero character being an heir to the throne and a savior of the underwater kingdom called “Atlantis”. This king is one who has been granted power to rule the 7 underwater kingdoms with the aid of a powerful staff (the Trident). The name of this heir is “Arthur Curry” and he stands as a bridge between the underwater kingdoms and the surface world. He was born by Atlanna, the Queen of Atlantis who fell in love with a lighthouse keeper (Thomas Curry) after being rescued by him from a storm and the Arthur was the product of that love.

Aquaman Full Movie Review (Centered Point)

The circumstance behind Arthur’s birth predestined him to be the ruler over Atlantis and the other underwater kingdoms. His mission is to rescue his people from the cruel leadership of his half-brother “Orm” who desires to unite the 7 underwater kingdoms against the surface world and be king over them all. His selfish ambition placed a demand on Arthur’s life whose destiny is to lead Atlantis.

Aquaman Full Movie Review (Storyline)

The storyline was developed by three creative minds (Geoff Johns, James Wan, and Will Beall).

After the rescue of Atlanna the princess of Atlantis by the lighthouse keeper (Thomas Curry) in 1985, they both fell deeply in love and the result of their love was a son who they named “Arthur”. This child is gifted with supernatural abilities and the power to communicate with marine beings. As the princess of Atlantis, it became a demand on Atlanna to return to her people and so she did leaving Thomas, her son (Arthur) for her kingdom. Before leaving, she put her child’s care in the hands of Nuidis Vulkon her advisor who was to train Arthur till he became fully ready to lead Atlantis. As Arthur grew to become a brave and fierce warrior he was enlightened by Vulko that his mother was killed for having him (a half breed son).

Arthur’s mission started when he had a collision with some pirates who were on a mission to hijack a nuclear submarine owned by the Russian Navy. In this collision, the leader of the pirate group (Jesse Kane) loses his life and survives by a son (David) who made it his sole responsibility to avenge the death of his father. Arthur’s supernatural ability gave the impression to David that he was form Atlantis so he launches an attack on Atlantis which provokes Orm (Arthur’s half-brother) to launch his own attack on the surface world. Orm decides to unite the 7 kingdoms of the underwater kingdoms to fight and invade the surface world.

Planning this attack, King Nereus of Xebel became one of Orm’s loyalists. Mera (daughter of King Nereus and wife to be of Orm) decides not to join them but went to the surface word to find Arthur and ask him for his assistance in stopping her father and Orm. It took Mera saving the life of Thomas from a powerful wave which Orm sent to earn Arthur’s trust. For Arthur to have power over the 7 underwater kingdoms, he had to go with Mera and Vulka to rendezvous in search of the Trident (a staff owned by the first monarch of Atlantis). This staff had the power to pronounce him King over Atlantis and on their journey to find it, Orm’s men attacks, capturing Arthur while Mera and Vulka escape.

After Orm’s men captured Arthur, Orm blames Arthur’s birth for the execution of his mother (Atlanna). Now, Orm tries convincing Arthur to leave Atlantis without ever returning but Arthur refuses and challenges Orm to a fight. In the fight, Arthur was rescued by Mera after almost being killed by Orm. Now, Arthur journeys with Mera to the Sahara desert which is where the staff was formed. Here in the Sahara desert, they unlock a holograph which directs them to Sicily Italy to get the Trident.

David still on avenging his father’s death, attacks Arthur and Mera in Sicily. Using Orm’s technology he identifies himself as the “Black Manta” and attempts to kill Arthur. Luckily for Authur he managed to throw David off a cliff which leads to what seem to be his death but in the fight between the both of them, Arthur sustained a serious injury. Mera treats Arthur while encourage him not to give up because the future of his people (Atlantis) depended on him. On retrieving the Trident, some vicious monsters called “The Trench” attacks but they both managed to escape through a hole which took them to the center of the earth (an uncharted sea location) where Arthur met Atlanna his mother and they came together again. Atlanna had being in this location without any hope of getting out. She got there after being sacrificed to the Trench but luckily escaped through the same hole.

For Arthur to possess the Trident, he had to prove himself worthy by facing Karathen (guardian of the Trident). After proving himself worthy, he then possessed the Trident which was a symbol of authority over the 7 underwater kingdoms. Orm still on his mission to attack the surface world wars against the Kingdom of Brine and declares himself Master over Ocean. Now it was time for Arthur’s return and take over. Arthur having the Trident and being backed by Atlanna, Mera, the Trench, Karathen built an army of marine creatures to fight against Orm and his army. Arthur having the Trident symbolized his was the real King of Atlantis and this made Orms subjects renounce their loyalty to him. Arthur and Orm engage in another combat where Arthur defeats Orm but spares his life. Now, Orm accepted Arthur as the real king after discovering he had brought back Atlanna. Arthur now ascends the throne of Atlantis having Mera as Queen but his mother (Atlanna) decides to return to the surface world to reunite with her true love (Thomas).

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