Avatar Free 2020 – Create Free Avatar – Avatar Creator and Its Functions

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Avatar Free 2020 – Create Free Avatar – Avatar Creator and Its Functions – There is now a new way to express yourself better on Facebook, it is “Facebook Avatar”. As a Facebook user, you are eligible to create your own avatars which you can use to pass messages across. Unlike regular emoji, Facebook avatars are even more expressive in nature. You can customize your own cartoon avatars which are similar to Snapchat Bitmoji.

There are different things about this newly introduced feature on Facebook you need to know about but if you patiently go through this article.

Facebook Avatar Creator and Its Functions

Particularly, the avatar creator on Facebook is responsible for the creation of these avatars. At this point, the feature hasn’t been released to all countries but those who have it in their country can enjoy all the fun this brings. You are the creator because you have the sole responsibility of selecting from the sections the several characteristics you want your avatar to have. Note, these avatars communicate your deepest emotions so, it is important you take your time creating them. Although, you probably would want to create something that appears really funny.

When you get in the avatar creator, you are going to come in contact with different sections having diverse characteristics to help you create the perfect avatar. These characteristics include; hairstyle, the shape of eyes, the color of eyes, facial hair, the shape of head, clothes, body structure, skin color, etc.

The avatar creator isn’t a standalone app so, don’t try downloading it from your app store. Avatars can save you the stress of always having to text any time you want to comment on a post or send a message.

How to Access Facebook Avatar Creation Platform

The avatar creator is right on the latest Facebook mobile app. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from your Google Playstore and Apple App Store. This is how to locate the Facebook Avatar Creator:

•          Open your Facebook app on your smart device

•          Click on the Menu bar at the top right of your page

•          Scroll through a little and click on the icon written “Avatars”

•          With a click on the icon, you are now eligible to create your own avatar.

Don’t stop the trend, share with your friends. Facebook Avatars are totally Free.


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