Avatar Not Working – Facebook Avatar 2020 | How to Make Facebook Avatar Work

Avatar Not Working – Facebook Avatar 2020 | How to Make Facebook Avatar Work – Facebook avatar is no longer news. The new personalized cartoon characters all around people’s news feed seem quite interesting. If you haven’t heard of or seen a Facebook avatar, then there might be a problem somewhere.

Facebook avatar is one of the latest hit trends on Facebook. Although there is also news of a new Facebook design and interface although the Facebook avatar feature has everyone interest.

Facebook avatar is made by an app in the Facebook app called the Facebook avatar maker. This feature allows Facebook users to create cartoons like themselves on Facebook. You could create and edit how your Facebook avatar looks like with tools from the Facebook avatar maker.

These avatars could also be used for quite a lot on Facebook. Immediately you create a Facebook avatar, it is saved to your emojis/stickers menu on your keyboard. You could also post and share them with your friends on your Facebook wall or use them as your profile or cover photo.

With all these basic uses and attributes of Facebook avatars, everyone wants to create and have one. But there might be a few issues as Facebook users have been on about how they can’t seem to create a Facebook avatar.

How to Make Facebook Avatar Work

How to Make Facebook Avatar Work

I know it must be hard to see others creating and posting their avatars on Facebook but you can’t do anything. Not to mind, I have got some troubleshooting tips.

Update Your Facebook App

Since for now, you can only access the Facebook avatar maker via the Facebook app, the Facebook avatar app comes with the latest version of the Facebook app. Hence, do update your Facebook app by visiting your device’s playstore.

You can also update the Facebook app by opening the Facebook app on your device and tapping on the hamburger menu. If there is an update for your Facebook app, you will see the option to update your Facebook app here, click on it, and proceed to update the Facebook app.

Facebook Avatar Maker Hack

Facebook users have found a workaround for the whole process, and this might work for you. Instead of going through the normal Facebook app process, we’d be using a messenger app in this guide.

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app on your device. Not on your device, open your device app store and proceed to download it.
  • Open your last conversation and click on the smiley face in the type message bar.
  • On the emojis tab, click on the Stickers icon to open it.
  • Next, tap on the Angry birds looking icon by the bottom left corner. This will open the avatar maker.

Also, on the Stickers tab, if you click on the purple face, you will also get directed to the Facebook avatar maker.

Facebook Avatar not Available

The last option is that the Facebook avatar maker hasn’t been released to your account yet. The Facebook avatar feature has been released across Europe including in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

It recently got launched in the U.S and some parts of Canada. Hence, it is possible you won’t have the Facebook avatar maker if you are not in the range of countries mentioned above.

Facebook plans on expanding this feature reach; all it will take is some little time.


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