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InBlue And Grey Tick On My Facebook Page | How To Verify Facebook Page | Facebook Verification : In this article we put up a step by step guide on How to Verify Facebook Page. It makes all the sense that most businesses like to earn the Facebook verification badge for themselves this is because;

  • A lot of people often wondering how to get the little blue tick mark on their Facebook page or Facebook accounts.
  • The Facebook verification badges is what shows your intended Facebook followers or Facebook followers that you are someone with a credible enough status for Facebook to have had your Facebook page verified.
  • Likewise by simply verifying your Facebook Page and earning the Facebook verification badge next to your known business’s name makes you presented to Facebook users as a more official and credible entity.

In this article, we’re going to look at how to verify your Facebook Page while also discussing everything that the Facebook verification processes entails.

It is important to “NOTE” that there are two types of Facebook verification badges which are;

  • Facebook verification Blue badge or Blue ticks/ checkmarks
  • Facebook verification Grey badge or Grey ticks/ checkmarks

What Is The Difference Between The Facebook Verification Blue And Grey Tick Or Checkmarks On Facebook?

There are two different Facebook verification colored badges or checkmarks/ticks that appear next to Facebook Pages or Facebook profiles on the Facebook platform. Here is what to know about them.

  • Facebook verification Blue badge or Blue ticks/ checkmarks indicates the authenticity of Facebook Pages, public figures, and Facebook business brands which are confirmed. It simply shows that the official account for a brand, business, or person is being verified. Both Facebook Pages and personal Facebook profiles can get this type of verification.
  • Facebook verification Grey badge or Grey ticks/ checkmarks, on the other note, shows a confirmed specific business location. Obtaining the Facebook verification Grey badge or Grey ticks/ checkmarks isn’t as difficult to obtain but yet not so noticeable, still it can help your business gain some Facebook credibility, which is always a good thing.

Therefore if your business does belongs to a chain of big organization, large franchise, or a corporation. The main Facebook Business account ran by the company’s marketing team will be the one having the Facebook verification Blue badge or Blue ticks/ checkmarks

While on the other hand all the other local individual locations could definitely earn the Facebook verification Grey badge or Grey ticks / checkmarks.

Only some types of Pages can be verified. Having a physical location helps a great deal since the gray badge is location-based and much easier to obtain than the blue badge. Local Business, Organizations, Companies, and Public Figures are all Page types that can obtain Facebook verification.

How To Verify Facebook Business Page Or Facebook Page

Here are some things you need to know simply before you begin the process of Facebook page verification.

Before you want Facebook reviewing your Facebook page verification request you should make sure your Facebook Page is in its top form meaning your Facebook page should be looking great and credible. Facebook page verification doesn’t have a strict requirements list, but should possess some valid information.

This implies that your Facebook page or Facebook Business page must have the following:

  • A developed website
  • Valid Contact information
  • An “About” context with proper description
  • Your page should likewise have a lot of Facebook page native content

It’s likewise important for you to understand that only certain types of Facebook Pages could become verified upon request. This includes

  • Public Figures Facebook page
  • Local Businesses Facebook page
  • Companies Facebook page and
  • Organizations Facebook page.

To verify your Facebook Page or Facebook business page do the following

  • Go to your actual Facebook Page
  • Go to your Facebook Page settings
  • Then proceed to the “General” option where, you would get to see the options for your “Page Verification” only if you are eligible to get your Facebook Page verified.
  • Doing the above, you have the option for an “instant” Facebook page verification, or for either a lengthy verification process as the case may be.
  • This option gives you the option of having Facebook call your Facebook Page publicly listed phone number.
  • You will be sent a Facebook verification code, which you’ll enter into the box displayed to you. Facebook will then awards you Facebook verification Grey badge or Grey tick / checkmark (and may eventually give you Facebook verification blue badge or blue tick / checkmark).

If you don’t want to make use this method of verification, you can also choose to upload documents that shows that you own the business legally. This includes your

  • Articles or certificate of incorporation.
  • Business licenses
  • Tax files

Which Facebook will manually review before your approval.


Having your Facebook page or Facebook Business page verified shows that you’ve taken the extra steps, and ensured that your potential customers and likewise the current ones know they’re at the right Page for your business or the business they intended.

As earlier highlighted, getting your Facebook Page verified just takes few easy steps, so go over to your Facebook Page now to get started!

Kindly let us know what do you think? Have you gotten your Facebook Page verified by Facebook yet? Likewise how long it took you to get the blue or gray badge? Leave us your response in the comments session of this post and let us know what you think!

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