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Business Facebook Page Setup – Facebook Business Page | Facebook for Business Page – Facebook is one of the highest download and popular social app in the world. Aside from messages, sharing pictures and videos on Facebook. It is a great tool for online business and marketing agencies. Facebook has a lot to offer it, users. The is a  page manager whereby users of Facebook can share, connect and manage their personal page with their business account. The Facebook business account is created to provide services to people who need these goods and services. The business page manager allowed users of the app to manage their page and advert account and track it daily running online process.

With Facebook business page manager you can operate and access your personal account and your advert account with ease. You don’t need to mix it up. Your business page will run effectively and you will at the same time integrate your personal page into your advert page. A Facebook business page is where you have your advert account for money-making purposes. Facebook is not only for uploading files,  messaging and telling the world how you feel today, but you can also have a successful business page and manage it. With their account manager.

Functions of Facebook Business Page Manager

Facebook Business Page

There is a different business set up to use Facebook platform for, it is necessary to have a page which helps you to make and keep things easier for you. It does the work of managing your multiple Instagram, Facebook page, Facebook adverts account, and other apps. And its also help you to sole control of your personal page and advert account without involving with the third party.

How To Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook business account are in different categories. You can choose what type of business you want to run on facebook. There are business categories, such as local business, company, community, public figure, brand,  entertainment, artist, institution and more. Decide which you want to operate. Creating this account is free and it is open to all users of Facebook. Below are the steps and requirements to open the Facebook business page manager.

To Create a Page:

  • Enter on your browser or open it through the Mobile App.
  • On the top right corner, you will see create an account tab, click on it to set up your Facebook business manager.
  • Enter your business name, email address and the name and click finish. It is not hard to set up a business page manager because
  • Facebook will guide you through the process.
  • Fill in your about page and put a link that will direct people to your business. Make sure you upload pictures.

The steps are as easy as that, set up a Page and manage it with your personal page today without stress and involvement of others.

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