Change Facebook Page Name – How to Change Facebook Page Name | Change Page Name on Facebook

Change Facebook Page Name – How to Change Facebook Page Name | Change Page Name on Facebook – Fan pages or person pages can have their names changed on Facebook although a few years back this feature wasn’t possible. Users needed to either create a new page to have their name changed which means they’d lose all their followers and posts, so they’d have to start all over in building their content and contact.

This article contains info that users can use to change a Facebook page name anytime they want. But since Facebook changed the rules and allowed for pages names to be changed users can now apply for their pages names to be changed. Although, FB is still strict with the way the names of the page can be changed. They don’t allow users to include abusive words that violate or abuse the rights of fellow users or people.

Why People Change Their Facebook Page Names

Changing page names can come as an amount of many reasons people may change their page names for different reasons. That is why Facebook had to create the avenue for users who want to change their page names a way for them to change their names by doing this they wouldn’t have to lose all their previous followers. This is some of the reason why people change their Facebook page names:

  • People change their FB page names when they want to change the direction in which their pages are heading to. By changing page names, they can change what their pages are about for instance, the owner of a page based on politics can decide to change his page to be a musically related page.
  • The first step of re-branding can be done thorough page renaming, by renaming the Facebook page. FB page owners and business owners can notify the public of their intentions to re-brand the page or their business because the re-branding of their pages would notify FB and the public of their intentions.

Immediately Facebook users decide to re-brand their businesses or their platforms, starting with a renaming of their page is actually the first and best step because by doing this, the entire public already knows about the change in their businesses or their platforms.

How to Change Facebook Page Name | Change Page Name on Facebook

Because of the massive relevance of FB in the lives of most individuals, if any steps or changes are made the place with the most public views should be where people start from so, business owners can easily expect the reach the public with their page name changes through Facebook.

These are the steps to change FB page name;

  1. Open browser
  2. Open Facebook website
  3. Login into account
  4. Go to your Page and tap More.
  5. Tap Edit Page then taps Page Info and Edit the Page Name.
  6. Enter a new name, then tap Continue Request Change.

After requesting a change FB would work to changing the page name so users can easily switch their pages to what interests them at that specific time.

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