Change Language Back to English On Facebook

Change Language Back to English On Facebook: Superuser trick for easily changing Facebook language

Just click here and make appropriate changes.

The link is: Click the following link and choose English:

Change Language Back to English On Facebook

Language Barrier

I just had a computer brought to me– a Windows 7 laptop. The owner said the language on her computer had changed. She mentioned she was on Facebook when it happened, so I turned it on and everything seemed normal. I opened her browser and went into her Facebook account and it was changed to what I discovered was Portuguese.

The hardest part is knowing where to click to fix things.  (I’m assuming you can’t read the language enough to get it set back to English.)

How to fix it

If you’re using Chrome, you probably will have no problem if given the option to translate it. Otherwise, do the following:

Sign Into Your Facebook Account

Go Into Your Account Settings. That is the little upside-down triangle, and when the menu drops down, it is divided into five sections with gray lines. The Settings option is in the fourth section, the third item down.


Click on the Language symbol, blue ball, below the red ball with a white dash in it, and above the world globe.

facebook-language-options - Change Language Back to English On Facebook

Then, in the first line, click on the Edit option, whatever language it is in.


Then you get an option to choose your language in the drop-down menu.

choose your language - Change Language Back to English On Facebook

Finally, click on the Blue Button, that in English, says Save Changes. It should work immediately.


I had to fix this problem before for someone else. How does this happen? I can only assume this happens when you download an App and it changes the system settings.

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