Change My Facebook Cover Photo | Facebook Cover Picture | How to Change your Facebook Cover Photo

Change My Facebook Cover Photo | Facebook Cover Picture | How to Change your Facebook Cover Photo – The Facebook cover picture is a sort of wallpaper that all Facebook users have, users of the Facebook platform always upload new pictures on the Facebook platform for others to see. Facebook cover pictures is one of first things seen when a profile is opened.  This is the picture seen upon opening other individual’s profiles.

Facebook Cover pictures are the first things that users see when they open other users profiles pages, they are the first things that other users see when they open this personal profile, this cover picture is very necessary as most people use this cover picture to judge the owner of the account before even know them.

Features of Facebook Cover Picture

The Facebook cover picture allows for users to be able to update their profiles or pages as they want. Facebook allows for individuals to be chanced to update new cover pictures, this cover pictures are of themselves selves or any random picture could also be uploaded to be used as cover photos.  This are the main reasons why Facebook users change their cover photos

  • Facebook cover photos allow users to upload recent pictures themselves or other kinds of pictures on Facebook so their friends and strangers can view these pictures as their cover photos, which is the first thing that is viewed when checking a page.
  • A Facebook cover photo is very necessary because for individuals to be able to have the full Facebook experience they must have a good profile, which includes having a good cover picture for ur page so that friends and strangers can know who they are adding on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the leading platforms in the world, it connects people from other parts of the world easily, And having good cover photo users are guaranteed to get attention from other people because they would be interested in their profiles.

How to Change Facebook Cover Picture

The Facebook cover picture allows for Facebook users to easily change information when they want, they can change their pictures when they want, they can edit their profiles and upload new contents About themselves on their profile easily. These are the steps to change the Facebook cover pictures.

  • Open web browser
  • Open and login to Facebook page
  • Go to your Profile.
  • Tap the picture sign on the bottom right of your cover photo.
  • Choose a photo from one of your albums. To use a photo from your phone, you’ll need to upload it to your page first.
  • Drag your photo up or down to reposition it and tap Use.

This is one of the most used features on the Facebook platform, individuals can easily change their cover pictures at will without any issues.

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