Cheats & Hacks for Winning the Game – Facebook Messenger Piano Music Master

Cheats & Hacks for Winning the Game – Facebook Messenger Piano Music Master – Piano Music Master is one of the most interesting Instant puzzle games on Facebook. There are over 7 million individuals all around the world who play this game on Facebook. This game is all about music using piano sounds. One thing about this game is, it is a road to become a piano music player if you are are not yet one because the more you play it, the more familiar sounds will become to you. Lots of instrumentalists play this game to help improve their sound recognition capability. This doesn’t mean you need to become a pianist or an instrumentalist first before you can play. Anyone can play this game, and children aren’t left out.


All You Need to Know About Facebook Messenger Piano Music Master Game

In this game, you are given different songs to play using piano tiles. It is important you hit all the piano tiles or else, it’s game over. You get access to the different songs as a reward for successfully accomplishing other stages. The more stars you earn, the more access you will get to play other songs. Below is a list of the songs you can play for free on Piano Music Master:

  • Fade
  • Little Star
  • Trippy Love
  • Fly Away

Aside from these listed above, you are going to be requiring stars to gain access to the remaining. Check them out:

  • New Swan Lake, New Year is Coming, Monody, Road So Far – 1 star required
  • Reprise, Sky High, Imagination, RUN – 6 stars required
  • Unity Remix, Spectre, Nekozilla, Unity – 12 stars required
  • BO5 Music, Ocean, Firefly, Neon Railgun – 18 stars required
  • Original Music No.3, The Red Army, New Two Tigers, Blank – 24 stars required
  • Sky Variation, Canon, Man, Invincible – 30 stars required
  • Happy Birthday, Dolls&Bear Dancing, Cloud 9, Entropy – 36 stars required
  • Click Go The Shears, Original Music No.2, High, Let’s Go – 42 stars required
  • Ballade Pour Adline, Sonatina Op.36 No.3, Rubik, Spectre – 48 stars required
  • Jasmine, Edelweiss, My Name is, My Heart – 54 stars required
  • Carousel Variation, Summer Variation, Mid Air, I Love Mondays – 60 stars required
  • English Suite No.2, Childhood Memory – 66 stars required
  • Original Music No.1, Jardin Secret – 72 stars required
  • Jingle Bells, Click Go The Shears – 78 stars required
  • Korobeiniki, Devil May Cry – 84 stars required


Cheats and Hacks for Winning Piano Music Master Game on Facebook

As you can see, the more you go, the tougher the game becomes. To play this game, you need a good hand and eye coordination so you don’t miss any tile. Speed is of the essence as you continue to advance in the game. One cheat that can really help you achieve speed and great success in this game is not holding your device with your hands when playing. You can put it on your table or desk. Secondly, instead of hitting the tiles with your thumb, use your first fingers.


How to Access Piano Music Master on Facebook Messenger

To access this game on Facebook Messenger, simply follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook Messenger
  • Use the search bar at the top, search “Piano Music Master”
  • Click “Play”

Yes! It’s that easy..

You can invite your friends to play or even join others in their game. And after every game, you get to claim gives.

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