Cpanel Review – How to Set Up Email Using Cpanel | Features of Cpanel

Cpanel Review – How to Set Up Email Using Cpanel | Features of Cpanel – Cpanel is a web hosting control panel based on Linux used to build Cpanel and WHM. Cpanel comes with an automation tool and graphical interface the makes the web hosting process for the end-user of a website easy and simple. Cpanel is used mainly for managing single websites at a time.

Cpanel has a server administrative panel which is known commonly as Webhost Manager (WHM). Cpanel was released initially on the 21st of March, 1996 and is written in perl, Cpanel is available across most devices except windows that are. Linux, IOS, and Android.

Features of Cpanel

Cpanel was designed alongside WHM for two functions which are either as a Virtual private server or as a dedicated server. Being designed originally for speed hosting control panel, John Nick Koston was the original author of Cpanel some other features of Cpanel includes:

  • manage files: Cpanel File manager interface lets you create, remove, upload, edit and manage your files without needing other party applications or needing FTP.
  • Directory Privacy: limit access to resources on your website with the Directory Privacy interface on Cpanel. This feature allows you to protect directories you do want to be visited randomly with a password.

Cpanel is a website control panel that gives you access to or control over tasks like database setups, file edition, email address creation, etc. Cpanel maybe your website’s control panel, but Cpanel itself is managed by WHM Webhost Manager. you can gain WHM access through VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

How to set up Email using Cpanel

Cpanel is used by many domain hosts with a wide range of services available for users. Cpanel is a partial user-friendly common utility. Cpanel is available to different options one of which is Email set up. set up your email in five simple steps in Cpanel:

  • Log into your Cpanel domain
  • Click on the email accounts icon
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Use the password generator to get a secure password

Cpanel makes data manipulation easy for users and helps with website controls. Use Cpanel today on a number of different web hosts.

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