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Create a Friend List – Friends List On Facebook – Online Facebook Friends – Users of the Facebook platform can use the Facebook friend list, to sort your friends into categories. This helps users control what friend, sees what on their Facebook page. Facebook friend list comes in handy in two ways.  First, it lets the user decide which friends can have access to view each status update, that they send Secondly. It also enables the user to decide how much, and what type of status update and content they want to see from their friends as well.

With Facebook friend list, sorting their friends into different categories is made easier than ever before. With just a single tap, users can choose a category for every of their friend on Facebook. Thus, they don’t have to individually edit the display settings for each of their friends individually.


Facebook Friend Lists Categories

Facebook friend lists consist of different categories. It depends on the type, way or manner in which the user meets or come across a friend on the Facebook platform. The following are the types of Facebook friend list that users can categorize their friends in.

Close Friends

These are friends, users may want to exclusively share with. When these friends post, Facebook sends the user a notification intimating the user on what’s going on in their close friend’s circle.



These categories of people are those the user may want to share less with. Here, the user can choose to exclude these friends whenever they post contents, by selecting “Friends except Acquaintances” in the audience selector, to keep them in the dark, whenever they post.


This category is for people, that the user accepts as a friend but don’t feel obliged to share with. Once a user adds someone to their restricted list, they can only see their public content or posts of yours that they have been tagged in.

Custom Lists

With a custom list, users can organize your friends as you wish. You are at liberty to choose who goes where (if any) privacy restrictions apply. The friends they add to the custom friend list, won’t get notifications when they add them to the custom lists.

These are the category of friends list offered by Facebook, to enable make placements for your friends as you deem fit. Facebook friend list, makes you the boss of your Facebook page. It grants you the authority to sort your friends into categories as you deem fit, and helps you stay in charge of your Facebook page, as you decide who sees what.


How to Create a Facebook Friend List

If you already have a Facebook account, then you can create a Facebook friend list. As this can only be done when you have an account and have signed up to Facebook. If you have an account lest get started with the steps below.

  • You need to sign in to your account on using a web browser.
  • Click on friend list this icon is located at the top left section on the homepage.
  • Click on Create List in other to create your friend list.
  • Name the list what so ever name you want to call the friend list.
  • Tap the “Create” tab to complete the Facebook friend list process.

You can start organizing your friend list by adding a member to your list. It all depends on what list you wish to add a friend to just search on the user and add him or her to your list.


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