Credit Cards in iPhone – How to Save Credit Card in iPhone Via Safari

Credit Cards in iPhone – How to Save Credit Card in iPhone Via Safari – iPhone is one of the leading devices anywhere in the world today which is produced alongside a host of other devices like iPad, Mac, etc. by Apple. And in recent times, Apple has taken a step further to provide a credit card called Apple card which is strictly for iPhone users to enable them to pay for items on the Apple store in real-life stores as well. This card has been made in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard which means that where ever MasterCard is accepted, which is pretty much in most parts or locations of the modern world then the Apple Credit card is also an acceptable payment medium.

It should be noted that Credit card on iPhone otherwise called Apple card is different from Apple pay however, it is built on the features of Apple pay. Basically, Apple Card (Credit card in iPhone) as earlier mentioned is a newly branded card for iPhone users only as it is both a digital card that literally lives in your iPhone and also possesses a traditional back up that can be used in a place where Apple Pay is not available. But this is only available to you when you sign up for the credit card even though Apple believes that the digital version would be predominantly used.

How to Save Credit Card in iPhone Via Safari

Saving your Credit card information on your iPhone through Safari makes it easier and faster for you to make purchases because once the card is added, with three quick clicks you can be able to add your card number, expiration date and enter your name at checkout. Below are the steps on how to add you Apple Card in your iPhone;

  1. Open your iPhone settings, it is the grey gear on your home screen.
  2. Scroll down and click on Safari
  3. In the General Section, tap “Autofill”
  4. Tap “Saved Credit Cards”
  5. Enter Passcode, if your iPhone is protected by one it will be required to input it to go forward.
  6. Click “Add Credit Card”
  7. Enter your credit card information. This has also been made easy that if you don’t want to type the card number, you can tap “Use Camera” and place the front of the card in the rectangular frame.
  8. Click “Done” at the right top corner of your screen. This saves your Credit card on your iPhone.

The physical Credit card for iPhone is made out of titanium and like regular credit cards, it has the card holder’s name etched on the surface of the card. Apple credit card sign up can be done using your phone and can also make payments from the iPhone. All digital card transaction takes place on your phone locally which means that you will not be able to perform any of these transactions from a separate browser or application.

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