Credit Cards Zero Interest Balance Transfer – Best Balance Credit Cards | What is Balance Transfer

Credit Cards Zero Interest Balance Transfer – Best Balance Credit Cards | What is Balance Transfer – Moving outstanding debt from one credit card to another card usually a new card is called balance transfer. Credit card balance transfer is used by consumers who would like to move the Amount they owe to a credit card with a lower credit card, Little penalties and many benefits such as reward points travel miles. For balance transfer cards, we believe it’s most important to focus on APRs and fees, but as a cardholder, you might have different priorities.

What is Balance Transfer? This involves moving credit card debt from one account to another credit card usually a new card. People do this often times because they can transfer the debt to a card offering to charge no interest on transfer balances for a period of time (about 15 months with 0% APR). However, when you apply for a new credit card with a balance transfer offer, the financial company will ask you which credit card would you like to transfer debt from, the account numbers of those cards, and the amount you would like to transfer. The amount you want to transfer cannot be higher than the credit card limit you have, and sometimes the balance transfer limit is lower than the new card’s total credit limit.

Best Balance Credit Cards

If you the type that manages debt, a balance transfer credit card could help you clear all debt faster by transferring an existing balance to a new card with lower interest. Out of hundreds of transfer balance credit cards, we sort out the most favorable introductory offers with low fees and low-interest rates. Credit Card that offers an introductory APR of 0% for longer than a year can actually save you money and time. Below are best balance transfer credit cards.

  • Citi simplicity® card (Best for long intro APR)

Citi simplicity card charges no annual fee. It offers and an industrial-leading 0% APR intro of 21 months on balance transfers and 12 months (a year) on purchases. The Citi simplicity credit card doesn’t charge Late fee or penalty rates which give users some pieces of mind.

  • Discover it® cash book (best no-annual-fee cash book card).

Discover it cash book earns 5% cashback rotating categories on each quarter you activate, currently $1,500 (up to the quarterly maximum, then it’s 1% back) and 1% cash book on all other purchases. Discover it credit card doesn’t have an annual fee. It offers 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfer for 14 months.

  • Capital one® platinum credit card:

When compared to other prime credit card market, the card is not best of the bunch. It doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus, purchase rewards or an introductory 0% APR. Also, this card doesn’t not have flexible credit requirements and no annual fees which make an ideal option for consumers who want to build or rebuild their credit scores.

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