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Dark Mode On Chrome – Google Chrome Dark Mode | Dark Mode Chrome Extension – The Chrome Dark Mode makes it able for us to look at our phones a little longer comfortably, most especially during the night and it makes your device’s battery life also last longer. Dark mode capability was activated in the world’s most known web browser, google chrome last year, which was a welcome sight for sore eyes. the chrome dark mode has been made available for both Android and iOS devices. We will look at the guidelines on how to enable it on both devices.

Before we begin, you need to have it in mind that not all webpage you open with your browser that will be dark when you enable the dark mode in your chrome. It will only change your chrome’s homepage, settings, and its menus, toolbars, and some other pages.

How to Turn on The Chrome Dark Mode on Your Android Device

Google Chrome Dark Mode

The dark mode is accessible on devices that run Android 5 and up and so before you consider activating it on your device, you need to make sure that your chrome android app is updated also. You can get the most recent chrome update from your google play store.

After you have updated your chrome, you can follow the steps below to turn on dark mode:

  • Go to chrome on your android device.
  • At the right corner on top of your phone screen, click on the three vertical dots you will see, then click on “settings”, thenthemes”.
  • Select the dark theme. or you click on system default. this will activate the dark mode in your chrome if you enabled your battery saver.

You can actually make use of the experimental chrome feature known as “force dark mode for web contents” to enable dark mode on most websites, even when they were not designed to. We’ve talked about this before. to do that, just type in chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark into your chrome search bar, click on the search button, and go through it to enable the feature.

How to Turn on The Chrome Dark Mode On Your iOS Device

The dark mode is actually available on ios 13 and up. now, if you enable the dark mode on your ios device, the dark mode will run in all apps which also includes chrome. follow the steps below to turn dark mode

  • Head to your settings in your device.
  • Click on display and then brightness.
  • You will see the dark mode option then click on it.

When you are done with that, your chrome will switch automatically from the light mode to dark mode, you can confirm by closing and opening the app again.

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