Don’t Ignore Parent’s Advice

Don’t Ignore Parent’s Advice – Whenever our parents gives advice , children thinks that parents don’t know anything about new fashion and living style. Whenever parents gives advice, children generally try to ignore it and make sure that their parents understand that children want to live life their own way.

Ignoring parent’s old logical advice and giving weird expressions might harm you only, their advice will surely help you somewhere and that time you will feel guilty that you never listened to what they want you to teach.

Here are few points which shows that why you need to listen to your parent’s advice:

1. World changed to worst: Most common excuse for ignoring your parent’s advice and doing what your friends say to you is generation gap. I agree that world is changing and you need to change with time but you must listen to your parents also. Your parents might not know about computers or latest technologies but they have more experience about life. They know that life is getting tough for kids to handle. Your parents love you and thus want to save you from changing world, where others can trap you in different kind of problems.

Don’t Ignore Parent’s Advice

2. Know world: There are so many news everyday about problems with teen occurring due to few innocent mistakes. You might get confused while taking decisions about your life. Who you should listen to? Your parents or friends? Your parents and friends can be right or wrong but it’s up to you what you want from your life and you must have ability to take your decision about fashion, drugs or adventures in life. Best way to take decision is to think about best and prepare for worst. Once you analysis best and worst, you will never feel sorry for your decision.

3. Parents love you: Simple reason why parents want to help you in taking decisions is because they love you. They don’t want that the mistakes which they did in their life, you should repeat it. They want you to live your life with happiness always without regretting anything in life because of wrong decision. If your parents are successful, they might have knowledge and experience. Don’t be biased while they advice you about life and success, their advice will surely help you somewhere in life.

4. Think of past, before ignoring your parent’s advice: There are lots of reasons and proofs in your life which shows that you must listen to your parent’s advice. They always advice you to study well but you always ignore. When you get fewer marks and face problems in getting jobs, you remember your parent’s advice. They might have scolded you while teaching you manners and etiquettes, but because of those manners only you are well known in your college or office. Thus always listen to parent’s advice and then take decisions.

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