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eBay My Account | How Does eBay Work – Sign in or Sign up – eBay is an online shopping platform where people buy and sell goods. It is best known for auctions and consumer to consumer sales.

Online merchants use this platform as a sales channel. And it is available in many different countries. You can search for products nationally and internationally.

For people who are frequent online eBay is a platform for them to buy and sell what ever they want .Any one at all can opt to buy or sell products. As an individual who wants to sell you  can get a seller account and this seller account has fees that are associated with it like the listing fee which the cost vary on the price that you sell your products for and how long you list them.

A lot of people ask how eBay works the answer is simple. eBay account enables sellers to display all their products in one place and for the buyers to see them and get interested.

In cases where you want to start an eCommerce business an eBay shop is the best way to go about it

Benefits of eBay Account Includes

  1. Gaining new customers
  2. It is simple to get up and running
  3. You enjoy seller protection
  4. You e joy support from eBay community
  5. eBay does not compete with its sellers
  6. you have selling options

eBay facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business sales via its website.  If you have been frequent on the internet for a long while now it is inevitable that you must have bumped into eBay and its subsidiaries like PayPal

How Does eBay Work

It is a very interesting  question . eBay represents an explicit explanation of what we call the online marketing.

It is simply a business that makes money by just being an intermediary. eBay offers a very huge market place where sellers buyers have a lot of benefits.

Creating an eBay account gives you access to my eBay that enables you keep track of all your buying and selling activities.

Your eBay account is easy site to navigate. There are tabs that you can click on that helps you to access most important information about your eBay account, they include

  • Activity
  • Messages (personal information,  address and preferences)
  • Seller dashboard
  • Feedback
  • Resolution area
  • PayPal
  • Seller account
  • Subscriptions


eBay is a very important and fabulous starting point for business owners and entrepreneurs that wants to experiment the eCommerce.

So with your eBay account there are a lot of opportunities to explore, so why don’t you use that your eBay account to buy and sell and join the eCommerce community today.

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