Effects of Technology on Human Relationships

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Effects of Technology on Human Relationships – The Information Technology age has brought advancement in our world today but at the same time has had adverse effects on our relationships with people.

We have different kinds of relationships with people so don’t think the subject here is only centered on romantic relationships. In the last 2 decades so much has happened in our world because of technology. With the aid of social media services, networking with people has been made so much easier. Before the introduction of these services, connecting with people must be physical but now, you can connect with people from every part of the world before you actually get the opportunity to meet them in person.

Understanding the Role Communication Plays in Relationships

Effects of Technology on Human Relationships

Communication is everything when it comes to our everyday relationships with people. It doesn’t matter the particular kind of relationship. When discussing the effects of technology on relationships, we are going to be treating both the merits and demerits.

Although, the advantages of technology on relationships outweigh the disadvantages but the disadvantages must be carefully looked into for our world to become a much better place.

Advantages of Technology on Relationships

Relationships have been advanced to a much greater extent as people can link up with one another effectively. You can be in Africa and still be able to communicate with your friends in North America. At this point, things are still advancing. You can connect with people using the following:

  • Text chat
  • Voice call
  • Video call

Now, people can have conference video calls too and some services used for this can take up to 50 persons all at once. It’s amazing how you can express your deepest emotions to others using features like emoji, GIF, and stickers when text chatting. All these features build up better engagement experiences. You can also send media files like videos, images, voice notes, etc. with ease. If not for these advancements, a lot of relationships would have died. Think about this, there are people having really long-distance relationships. Meaning the individuals involved could even be in different continents. If the only things available were just calls, a lot of these relationships will collapse. Asides that, international calls cost a lot so, people seek easier ways to communicate and that is why they embrace social media platforms and message apps. They are cheap and much more effective.

In business, relationship is everything. How you connect with your clients can take your business to an entirely different level. Relationships give people referrals from their recent clients to others. Technology has given us an easier means to network with people. You can stay from the comfort of your home or office and you still have your business going smoothly since your customers can reach you in diverse ways. They can get updates about your service on several platforms. It doesn’t matter the part of the world from which you administrate your services, people who need them can still come for them because a relationship has been built using the advancements in technology.

Disadvantages of Technology on Relationships

The disadvantages are pretty very straight to the point. Sometimes, people cannot focus on things (relationships) that are important to them because they are busy online using their devices to do one thing or the other. The truth is, whatever you give attention to, grows in your life. If you give attention to your relationships with people, you will discover that the bond in your relationships will get stronger.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever hung out with someone or probably had a date with someone and you discovered they can’t even get their finger and eyes off their mobile device? This can be really disrespectful and has ruined people’s opportunities to enjoy a date and build better relationships. If you are having a date, for instance, it is advisable you switch off your device or you switch to flight mode. It’s all about the moment, so don’t ruin it. Don’t take calls, chat, or spend some time doing other things online instead of focus on the moment. Technology has had a great effect in this area. It is all centered-on distraction. Some persons can spend time so much time on with their mobile devices that they get to ignore people all around them. It makes them feel, so long as they have their devices with them, they don’t need anyone. If you can change this, you can have a better relationship with people. It’s all about self-control. Don’t get so addicted to technology that it makes you ignore every other thing.

Everyone wants to be acknowledged because acknowledgment determine relationship. Don’t allow technology to steal your ability to acknowledge people and your relationships with them.

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