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Facebook Ads Set Costs – Facebook Advertising Format | Facebook Ads – What are Facebook ads? In the simplest of terms, Facebook ads are paid messages from various businesses making use of the platform in promoting their brands and products. These paid messages help them reach a large number of persons. Well not just any type of people, but the ones that matter most to them. If you should ask your friends which is the best social media platform in the world, a large number of them would surely point out to Facebook and for legitimate reasons. Facebook is more than just a place where you can communicate with your friends and family. This platform, therefore, is more than a social media platform.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is a platform that is visited by over two billion people monthly all over the world. And if you are a marketer out there you need to read this. Account-holders on Facebook come from all over the globe. The name ‘Facebook’ is more like a household name these days. Everyone knows about it, makes use of it, and even has an account on it. Most successful businesses in the world today now make use of social media platforms in promoting their brands. Do you know why?

Well here is the reason and it’s just the simple truth. Facebook attracts users more than any other social media platform. And when you advertise your brand or business on it, your business will get exposed on a massive scale. This will not just bring your brand exposure, but it will also give you great conversion rates. And who wouldn’t want that?


What Do Facebook Ads Look Like

Facebook ads are set in strategic places on the Facebook platform known as placements. Facebook ads can appear on the news feed of a Facebook page or in the right column of Facebook. an ad on the platform will be showing a tag called ‘sponsored posts on Facebook. Therefore whenever you see any post with that tag, you should know that it is an ad.


How Much Do Facebook Ads Costs

Facebook Advertising Format

There is no set cost for Facebook ads. When creating ad campaigns on this platform, it is your duty to set a budget. In other words, you decide how much you want to spend on your ad placements on the social media platform. There is also the auction system on Facebook. This system lets you tell Facebook how much you are willing to bid or pay in order for your ad to be shown to any audience of your choice. The bidding however is based on the cost per click on your ads or the impression on your ad. To learn more about the cost of Facebook ads, go here.


Create A Facebook Ad

Creating a Facebook ad is easy, but you might be overwhelmed by it if you haven’t created an ad on the platform before. Before you create an ad on Facebook, there are things you need to know first. Well, it’s more like a run down or summary of the steps on creating ads on the platform. to create an ad on Facebook, you will need to;

  • Choose your advertising objective.
  • Select your ad format.
  • Choose your audience to display your ads.
  • Lastly, choose your placement.

These are the steps to creating a Facebook ad. To get started with the process, go to Facebook Ads Create. You will need to have a Facebook page in order to create a Facebook ad successfully.

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