Facebook Applications for Business Pages โ€“ How to Properly Setup Your Facebook Business Page | Facebook Business Page Creation

Facebook Application for Business Pages โ€“ How to Properly Setup Your Facebook Business Page โ€“ Facebook Business Page Creation โ€“ These are applications that could help promote, enhance and help advertise your Facebook business page. They help Facebook page managers to manage pages more efficiently, create engaging posts thereby creating awareness to the public and increase rates at which business products and services are sold.

These apps include; Instagram, Whatsapp business, pages manager app, Canva, Adobe Spark, Livestream and so on. These apps help advertise and edit pages to look more eye-catching to potential customers, popular apps like Instagram and Whatsapp business can make business managing so easy because of their popularity among people and it was also founded as the same purpose as Facebook, communication.

When creating a Facebook business page, you could edit (whether add or remove) apps you want to be associated with your page. Follow these steps to add;

  • Type the name of the app you want to add on the search bar, if you do not have an exact app in mind, you could also type the kind of app you are looking and get gifted a variety of options by Facebook.
  • From the results given by Facebook, click on โ€œgo to the appโ€ button for the app you choose to use
  • Follow the directions given by Facebook carefully to add the app to your page.

You could remove apps by;

  • Clicking on the edit link on the page drop-down menu in the admin menu
  • Click on apps
  • Click on edit settings below the app you will like to remove in which a pop-up will appear asking if to Add or Remove the app.
  • Click on remove and click OK

This should be done to apps that are not useful or not in use by your Facebook business page. Adding apps to your Facebook business pages is definitely a sure way to manage the page smoothly.

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