Facebook Audio – How to Upload Audio On Facebook

Facebook Audio – How to Upload Audio On Facebook – A lot of users have often searched tirelessly for an option to allow them to upload their audio files on Facebook, but the truth is that the Facebook software doesn’t support uploading files in Mp3 formats and it likes. Even if you can’t upload your audio directly to your Facebook account, there are still a couple of ways to achieve the ultimate goal.


Considering you can’t upload your audio files directly; you can convert it to a video version first. To do this, you certainly need a video editing application. You can find these types of Apps on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and there are quite a couple of them. While creating the video, you would have to add some photos or at least a photo, and then add your audio. Good thing is, you get to pick the photos you want and you can also make transitions. After converting your audio to a video format, you can now open your Facebook App, after following the directed steps to upload your media, while choosing from your library, you can choose the file you created. (Also remember to save the file with an easy to find reference).

If you don’t want to convert your audio to video or you simply don’t want your audio to look like a video slide, or to become a video slide, then there are other ways by which you can upload your audio without making it into a video, but you’ll definitely require some supporting App or software to make this work.


Because of the advantage of its features, you can definitely leverage using SoundCloud to upload your audio to Facebook. Although most users of SoundCloud use it to publish and promote their personal recordings, but who says you can’t also use it to upload other mp3. If you’re going to use SoundCloud to upload your audio, then first you need to create your SoundCloud account by signing up. After signing up, you can now have access to the features on the App. When you sign in, find the upload button and click on it. After doing this, you can import the audio file you want to upload. You’ll also need to fill in the descriptive tags before using the “Share to Public” option. When you click on this, it will display some options to share to, then you Click on Facebook and click on “Save”. After doing this you’ll click on the “Go to your sound” button and then click on “Share” and then “Facebook”. By doing this you’ll successfully upload your audio.


The unique feature of the Cloud App is its ability to store data from the web and simultaneously provide a shareable link. Although your Facebook audience would have to click on the link to access the audio, this method seems to be the most convenient way to share your mp3 files. To upload your audio using the Cloud App, you first have to create an account. After signing into your account, click on “choose or drop a file from your computer’, then select the mp3 file you want to upload and click on “Open”. After adding the file, click on the file one more time and you’ll observe a link to copy. After copying the link, you can paste it on your Facebook timeline alongside your caption.

Finally, The Facebook App may not allow you to directly upload an mp3 file, but using any of the options above, you can now share every detail you want with your friends and family on the Platform.


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