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Facebook Avatar Dating – Create FB Avatar For Dating | Facebook Dating Avatar – Getting to know what the avatar and dating feature is the most important aspect of this article today. In 2019 Facebook introduced the world to another aspect on the platform where you get to meet and communicate with new people around the world and is totally for free, and this feature is called “Facebook Dating”.

As for the avatar feature, it has been on the platform for almost a year now. We all saw the impact it made last year during the lockdown last year. I mean, they picked the perfect time for its launch. This feature is all about creating cartoon characters that look exactly like humans.

Dating Avatar On Facebook

Facebook Avatar Dating

These two features can come in handy together if only you know the right way to use them. Avatars can be created for any season of the year, at least you saw how your friends on FB celebrated their Christmas last year showing everyone how happy and prepared they are at that time of the year. The avatar feature was originally meant for send messages, replying to comments, and also for cover photos.

We all know you can’t create a dating profile without creating a dating profile which you end up putting pictures so people can see what you look like. You can use the avatar you create as your display picture and also send them instead of emojis and stickers.

Where Can I Find The Avatar And Dating Feature?

Both features are available for you right inside the platform, it’s left for you to access it. For people who are new to the platform here’s is how you can do that. For the avatar feature, you are expected to have the latest version of the FB app before you can think of accessing it. Next, log into your device, and click on the hamburger icon where other features are located.

Scroll till you can locate the avatar feature. This is also applicable for dating but is even easier because it’s the first feature you’ll find right before getting to the avatar feature. Or you can simply click on the search bar on your home page and search for dating groups.

With this you can now create some unique avatars before creating your dating profile, I must say, you’ll enjoy using it.

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