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Facebook Avatar Free Creator | Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Creator App – Facebook has constantly advanced when it comes to the means through which messages are passed. From sending texts to making use of expressive figures called “Emoji”. One of the top trending features on Facebook right now is Facebook Avatar. A lot of Facebook users are coming in contact with avatars created by others and the question on their lips is, how can I create a Facebook Avatar? In this article, I am going to be explaining to you what Facebook Avatar is and how to access the Avatar creator on Facebook.

About Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar Creator App

Facebook Avatar is synonymous with Snapchat’s Bitmoji. This is a feature on Facebook that allows users to create cartoon avatars of themselves. Having your avatar, you can use it in comments, messenger, and Facebook stories.

This feature has a lot of advantages and one of these is the fact it reduces the way Facebook users make use of text any time they want to communicate or pass a message. The avatar is created in a way that it has the best means of giving expression to what a user wants to say. It is advisable you don’t ignore the use of the FB Avatars because they have your feelings captured to the point there is always an avatar to describe every feeling. These avatars can serve as replacements for any part of Facebook that requires text. Be it comment, profile, stories, etc.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

Facebook users are having a lot of fun with the use of these avatars. A lot of persons are already pushing trends using Facebook Avatars. The secret behind the creation of all these avatars is the Facebook Avatar Creator. Some call it the Facebook Avatar Creator App and have tried their best to find this app on their app stores. This isn’t a stand-alone app since you can’t download it on your device. The FB Avatar Creator is found on your FB App. It is embedded right there, telling you only Facebook users can access it. For now, this feature isn’t available to Facebook users in all countries. If it is in your country and you still can’t find the avatar creator, then you need to update your FB app.

How to Access Facebook Avatar Creator – Step by Step

After downloading the Facebook latest version or updating your present version on your mobile device, you are set to start creating your own avatars. To access the Facebook Avatar Creator, follow the steps below:

  • Log in your Facebook account by opening your Facebook mobile app on your mobile device
  • Tap the menu icon found at the top right
  • On the menu, click “Avatars” after scrolling through

Once you click on the Avatar icon, the Facebook Avatar Creator is all yours to enjoy. Both Android and iOS users have full access to the avatar creator on FB.

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