Facebook Avater Maker in Africa – How to Create a Facebook Avatar

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Facebook Avatar is now available in Africa after been launched in the USA, Canada, Europe, and India. Before now, there has been an anticipation of this feature coming to Africa based on the fact that some very helpful features like Facebook Dating and Facebook Marketplace haven’t been launched in Africa.

In my earlier articles on these avatars, I made it clear that with time, more countries will get it. Asides it being fun to use, I will say it has a lot of benefits and it is not unnecessary as being referred to by some.

How to Create a Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avater Maker in Africa

Now that Africans can create their own avatars on Facebook, it’s time to reveal the steps to follow in creating an avatar. See below:

  • Open your Facebook app
  • Click on the hamburger icon
  • Click See More
  • Select Avatars and click Next
  • Click Get Started to start creating your avatar

The process isn’t stressful at all. In fact, you will see it’s really easy to find yourself around It. Even a dummy can create an avatar. You will so enjoy selecting from the options provided.

What are Avatars on Facebook?

Facebook Avatars are digital characters or personas used by Facebook users to better express themselves across all Facebook platforms and beyond. This feature captures your emotions and helps you communicate better.

Before now, users of the Facebook platform made use of emoji and stickers for expressions. What makes these avatars unique is the fact that you are the one to create them yourself. You get to create cartoon characters or digital personas of yourself. When creating an avatar, you are given diverse characters of a human person to help give you the perfect avatar of yourself. That is, creating an avatar that looks just like you. You get to choose from the following; complexion, hairstyles, outfits, eye color, clothes, accessories, COVID-19 support stickers, hair color, facial hair, and lots more.

How to Use Avatars on Facebook

You can use Facebook Avatar in;

  • Messenger
  • Comments
  • Stories
  • And any sections on Facebook where text can be used

At the moment, there is no feature on Facebook that helps users truly share their expressions and emotions as these avatars do.

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