Facebook Business Ad Manager (FBM) | How to Set Up FBM and Ads Manager

Facebook business ad manager is simply a Facebook tool that enables or helps to direct, control, manage, and organize your business.

Facebook business ad manager helps to modify and give your business another dimension of publicity which enables your business to grow and for a larger number of people to know more about your business.

This is an effective tool for businesses to manage their Facebook ad accounts and pages from one location.

You can manage and organize every aspect of your Facebook ads experience through your Facebook business ad manager dashboard.

Facebook Business AManager  Feature

Within the years, the amount of Facebook users have largely increased into millions which are of great advantage and opportunity to make your business known to the world at large. Let’s look at more features:

  • Facebook business ad manager helps you share your business experience with a great number of people from the comfort of your home.
  • A very interesting feature of Facebook business ad manager is that it enables you to edit multiple Facebook campaigns and ads at once.
  • FBM helps businesses to get publicity and integrate Facebook marketing efforts across the globe with foreign and external partners.
  • It helps to keep your personal life and work separately. The moment you create a business ad manager it becomes a space to manage your business and it is separate from your personal Facebook profile.
  • A person can use a business ad manager ranging from small to large business.

Who uses FBM

  • A multiple pages business with a large staff
  • A business that advertises in different time zones
  • Businesses aiming at multiple clients with various pages and ad accounts

Why you Should have a Facebook Business Ad Manager

The importance of Facebook business manager cannot be over emphasized as it comes a long way to enable you to grow your business without doubts.

There are various reasons why you need one. Some of which are stated below.

  1. It increases business team collaboration
  2. It brings about strategic planning and alliances
  3. Increases value-added services
  4. It brings about the flexibility of diverse features
  5. Easy to prepare business reports
  6. It balances your personal life with your business life
  7. Enables you to have better control
  8. It is highly effective

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