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Facebook Business Manager Creation | Sign up for Business Manager – Facebook business manager is a marketing tool that enables or allows advertisers to manage their marketing efforts from one location and also to share access to their team, partners, agencies, and vendors around the globe. Today, we live in a digital world which means that our everyday business and enterprise can reach out to thousands and millions of people around the world. We hear a lot of questions like, why should I use a Facebook business manager if I already have an account on Facebook?

The basic truth is if you are an advertiser who shares access to different pages and ad accounts with other people, it is an advisable to move to or transition to Facebook business manager because of some of these features stated below

  • It is a more safe or secure means to manage your accounts and pages
  • Helps you to keep your business separate from your personal Facebook
  • It helps you to see who’s working on what and what they have access to view and work on etc.

What Exactly Can You Do With a Facebook Business Manager

  1. It enables you to create and manage various (multiple) assets which can be Facebook page, ad accounts, Instagram accounts, etc.
  2. Helps to track your ads both on Facebook and Instagram more effectively with easy overviews and detailed information
  3. It helps to control user access and permissions for your accounts

You should create a Facebook Business Manager if

  • You need your business to grow
  • To keep your business secure and safe
  • To have control over access and permissions
  • To manage your assets
  • If your business had a marketing team

How to Create Facebook Business Manager

You need to ensure that you have a personal business account to confirm your identity. Creating a Facebook business manager does not require a high level of computer knowledge. All you need is a Facebook profile. Which you use as your Facebook username and password to sign into it. It is a safer way to log in than just an email address and password

These are Steps to Follow

  1. Go to business.Facebook.com
  2. Click on the big blue button to create account
  3. Enter a name for your business, select the page and enter your name and work email. (if you do not have a business page create one)
  4. Enter the rest of your information to create your Facebook business account, these might include your business details, location, and any other needed information, etc. Then click on finish

Do not forget that in order to separate your professional and personal use of facebook an effective tool called Facebook business manager has been made available. And it helps you to do the following;

  • It helps you to avoid mixing business with pleasure
  • It enables you to assign roles to your employees for each role and account
  • Enables you to collaborate with other companies and partners
  • It helps you become more focused  on your work
  • It helps to share Facebook pixels and product catalogs with other companies etc.

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