Facebook Christmas Countdown – Facebook Christmas Giveaway – Facebook Christmas 2021

Facebook Christmas Countdown – Facebook Christmas Giveaway – Facebook Christmas 2021 – Christmas is that time of the year when people celebrate with their family, friends, and loved ones. It’s a time to love, share gifts, laugh, celebrate, relax, and have all the fun you’ve missed out on since the beginning of the year.

Amazingly, Facebook as the best and the biggest social media platform has also created an opportunity for its users to get the best of Christmas using its platform. For some years now, people have enjoyed using Facebook to spice up their Christmas celebrations.


Facebook Christmas

You may be wondering; how does Facebook help me make the most out of this festive season? It is pretty easy because FB has a couple of features that its users can access in order to feel connected to the season. Some of these features include:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Cards
  • Frames
  • Avatar
  • Emoji
  • Games

Facebook Christmas Giveaway

Facebook Christmas Giveaway is one of the most interesting things people enjoy on FB during the Xmas season. These giveaways are done by people like celebrities, entrepreneurs, and individuals who have a really large fan base or who just have a kind heart for humanity. Remember, Christmas is a time of the year when we celebrate love and one-way love can be expressed is through giving. This is the reason why FB users do giveaways. If you feel you can show love by giving to people, Facebook provides a great opportunity to meet a larger audience who may need your giveaway to bring hope to them this festive season.


Facebook Christmas Countdown

25th of December is a day set aside to celebrate Christmas every year. It’s already some days to Christmas and using the countdown clock FB provides, you stay connected by knowing how many days we have before the 25th. In case you don’t know how to add a countdown clock on Facebook, we are here to guide you.


How to Add a Christmas Countdown Clock in Facebook

To add a Christmas countdown clock in Facebook, follow the steps below:

  • Log in your Facebook account.
  • In the search field, type countdown clock.
  • Click “See More”.
  • From the drop-down list, click “Apps” to get the countdown clock.
  • Go through the countdown clock applications.
  • From the countdown clock application, select “Christmas Countdown Clock” and choose “View App”.
  • Click Info > Wall > Reviews
  • Now, click “Add to My Page” found at the bottom left corner to start the installation process.
  • To add the Christmas countdown clock, follow the prompts and access the application page where you will configure your clock.
  • Choose a design and enter 25th December which is the day you wish to track.
  • Click “Post” or “Publish”.
  • To see the countdown clock feature, click the “Profile” link in the menu bar.


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