Facebook.com – Change Your Email Address on Facebook

Facebook.com – Change Your Email Address on Facebook – Facebook is one of the top social media platform having over a million active users daily. This social media has proven to be worthwhile as they bring about new features to make communication easy for their users. With Facebook, users can upload contents such as videos, photos, links and so many more. Users are also given the chance to interact with their loved one all around the world.

To be a certified Facebook user you need to have a Facebook account. To create an account on Facebook, you need to have so many details for Facebook to create your profile. One of these details you have to provide before you create an account on Facebook is your email address. This detail which is your email address is a very important one because it is one of the login details which will be required when you want to log into your Facebook account. Your email address is also needed as a medium where Facebook notifies you on every occasion on your Facebook account.

There are so many reasons why you may want to change your email address on facebook. It might be the email address is no more functional or you got a new email address. Either of these reasons might be your reason, that’s why I will be guiding you on the steps on how to change your email address on Facebook. The following are steps on how to change your email address on Facebook and users are advised to follow the steps carefully and correctly so as to get an accurate result.

 How to Change Your Email Address on Facebook

  • Visit this link facebook.com or open your Facebook app
  • Enter your login details
  • Click on the three dots or arrow at the top right corner of your Facebook timeline
  • Click on the settings option
  • Tap contact on the general button
  • Select “add another email or mobile number” to add a new email
  • Click on remove
  • Enter the new email address
  • Click save changes or add.

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