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Facebook Contest Tools – Facebook Contest Rules – What are Facebook contest tools? Facebook has different amazing tools that can help you successfully run a contest. These tools are usually regarded to or known as Facebook Contest Tools. Now don’t get me wrong, Facebook has in-built tools for users that might probably be enough for you to run a contest. However, there are robust third-party tools that you can use in running a contest on Facebook. Contests are one amazing way to push your Facebook page forward. If you are running a Facebook marketing campaign, you should probably read more on this article.

Facebook Contest Rules

Running a Facebook contest has rules and regulations. Below are some of the rules about the contest on the Facebook platform.

  • Provide a detailed contest rule.
  • Make it very clear to everyone that your contest is not dependent on Facebook. Make it crystal clear that Facebook is not your sponsor.
  • Before you run a contest, understand which one are allowed and which ones are not.
  • Don’t force people to engage in actions for them to enter or participate in your contests.
  • Always make sure that the contest is not administered on a personal profile.
  • Make sure you get explicit permission to use submitted content.

Also, you have to understand that Facebook will in no way assist in your promotion. Now following all the rules carefully when running a Facebook contest is going to take a little bit of extra time. With making sure that your contest follows Facebook contest rules, you are making sure that your contest runs smoothly.

Some Facebook Contest Tools

Below are some of the tools that can help you in running a contest successfully.

  • Agora Pulse. This Facebook and twitter dashboard shows you an overview of all the activity carried out on your page. It also helps you schedule your posts and start campaigns right from your dashboard.
  • EdgeRank Checker. This tool is owned by social bakers and it offers a complete overview and analysis of a Facebook page. The charts it offers are really smooth neat and reliable. There is quite a lot of data you get access to with this tool.
  • The short stack is a comprehensive Facebook contest tool that makes it easy to add any sort of campaign. With this tool, you can build a campaign from scratch.

There are also other Facebook contest tools. As usual, these tools will help you monitor activities on your page and if you are running a contest, these tools are the tools you need.

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