Facebook Daily Ramadan Reminders | Facebook Ramadan Fast – Facebook Live Ramadan Reminders

Facebook Daily Ramadan Reminders | Facebook Ramadan Fast – Facebook Live Ramadan Reminders – This year Ramadan is here again, and Facebook is reaching out and celebrating it with all Muslims. The Ramadan period is popular with the Muslims, it is a period recognized as the ninth month of the Islamic year, where they come together, with the aim of getting closer to God. This period is observed as a month of Fasting, Prayer, Reflection and Community. Facebook is here to serve as Live Ramadan reminders to help all Muslims draw closer to God than focus on other things that would push them away from God.

Facebook is here to contribute their own help to all Muslims as a Live Ramadan reminder, and they are doing so by uploading Ramadan detailed post and contents that would give serve as a very good reminder. You can also contribute to what Facebook is doing for Muslims by uploading important post that would help both you and your fellow Muslims pray, Fast and Reflect on God even more.

Facebook Daily Live Ramadan Reminders | Facebook Ramadan Fast

If you are a Muslim, and you open your Facebook account, you should get lots of important information concerning Ramadan from Facebook and probably from your friend who uploaded Ramadan related photos, contents or even posts. If you find of these items that your Friend or Facebook uploaded very interesting, you can spread the good word by sharing the post with friends and family or even save the post to your device and upload it for you friends to see.

With that said, in the remaining parts of this article, I would be giving you steps on how to download, posts and share live Ramadan Reminder post on your Facebook account to spread the Ramadan spirit to every Muslim in the world.

How to Post Facebook Live Ramadan Reminders

Posting Ramadan contents especially in this time of the year is very important. And because of that, I would be giving you steps on how to post Ramadan related contents on Facebook to help Serve as a Ramadan Reminder to every Muslim.

Posting on Facebook should not be so hard for you even if you are new to the platform. the same way you post another regular post on Facebook is the same way you upload Ramadan post. Steps on How to post Ramadan content is stated below:

  • Open your Facebook account using the app or desktop
  • Once the page is open, go to your Facebook homepage
  • Click the “what is on your mind” option
  • A box would appear, there you would be asked to type in what you want to post. If you want to upload a photo/ video, select the photo/video icon
  • Once you do that, Facebook would take you to your PC or your Gallery, select the photo or video you want to upload and click done or open
  • If you wish to edit the picture or video, click edit, but if you just want to upload it straight, enter your comment and click post.

How to Share and download Facebook Live Ramadan Reminders

Sharing and downloading Facebook Ramadan post is not so complicated, all you have to do in other to download and share Ramadan post is stated below:

  • Open your Facebook account and locate the post you want to share or download
  • If you want to download it, hold the picture for long and when the save to phone icon appears, click it
  • But if you want to share, click the share icon on below the post
  • Several options on how to share the post would be displayed for you.
  • Choose how you want the post to be shared and that is it.

You have successfully downloaded and saved a Ramadan post on your Facebook account.

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