Facebook Dark Mode – How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook 2020 | Facebook Night Mode Settings

Facebook Dark Mode – How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook 2020 | Facebook Night Mode Settings – The first introduction of the Dark Mode or Night Mode as it’s also called was done by Apple for their OS. The eyes are very sensitive to light and even medical practitioners advise individuals on how much of light rays they should allow into their eyes. Look at this, your smartphones and personal computers have a screen brightness option which helps people regulate the amount of light that goes from the screen to the eyes. For most devices currently, it is automatic.

The question here is, what is the purpose of Dark Mode? The sole purpose of this feature is to make your favorite apps more user-friendly by reducing the eyes’ exposure to so much light. The colors in your app are toned down and darkened. One beautiful thing about thing Dark Mode does is, it helps reduce your battery consumption thereby, increasing battery life. Almost all social media apps are now adopting this feature for their apps.

Advantages of Dark Mode/ Night Mode

  • It increases battery life
  • Reduces exposure to sensitive light
  • You have no need to strain your eyes

How to Enable Night Mode in Facebook App

Facebook was one of the first services that introduced Dark Mode to its mobile application. Although, it is also available to web browsers. If you’ve never made use of it before, why don’t you give it a try following the simple steps shown to you below:

  • Launch your Facebook Mobile App
  • Click “Settings” for in the menu icon having three horizontal dots
  • Click “General” from the options given to you
  • Go to “Themes”
  • Go through the list of themes given to you
  • Choose “AMOLED” from the pop-up

It’s really that easy guys. You can check below to see how to enable Facebook Dark Mode on your web browser.

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