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Facebook Dating App Review – Facebook Dating App Download | Facebook Dating App Free – There has never been a time when dating was made easier like the age we live in now. It is called the digital age and it is an age where the internet has presented everything to us just at the tip of our fingers. Dating is one of those things which has been facilitated with the introduction of the internet. That is, you can meet someone online today and in just a week you start a relationship.

Facebook is of no doubt the largest social media platform in the world. Having over 2.4 billion monthly active users. This is like half the population of the world. This is to tell you that the opportunities to get a date is greater than any other online platform in the world.

Facebook Dating App

Hurray!!!! Facebook has introduced its own dating app known as “Facebook Dating App”. This is currently available in 20 countries but not to worry, FB is expanding their reach to make sure everyone enjoys it. The application helps individuals get the perfect match for themselves base on what they share mutually from their profile. Imagine having millions and billions of chooses on one platform.

Facebook Dating App Download

One thing to take note of is that this app isn’t distinct from the Facebook app like most individuals things. I call it “A world inside a Larger World”. I know you may be laughing now but that’s just the truth. As side earlier, the application is available in just 20 countries so, don’t get bothered if you can find it in your FB App because it’s coming to you soon. To gain access to the Facebook Dating App, you are required to download the Facebook App on your Android or IOS device (It isn’t available for desktop yet). So, to download, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Visit your Google Playstore of your Apple App store
  • Get on the search bar and type “Facebook App”
  • Click “Download” and then “Install”
  • Launch the App

NOTE: You must be a Facebook user (You need to have an FB account). To sign up, kindly visit www.facebook.com.

Where to Find the Facebook Dating App in the Facebook App

Once you sign in Facebook using your login details (email or phone number and password) follow the steps below to locate the FB Dating App:

  • Navigate your way to your FB profile
  • At the top of the page, you will see a heart icon, click on it
  • Meticulously set up your profile (enter your interest, gender, location, and upload a photo of you)
  • Verify your photo
  • You will be directed to the Facebook Dating world which is an opportunity to meet your heartbeat.

You can also access this app in menu by clicking “Dating”

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