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Facebook Dating – Facebook Dating App | Facebook Feature – Facebook has so much enhanced is friendship game through the provision of a dating platform engrafted in the main Facebook application. How to find Facebook dating is a very simple question to answer you should be aware that Facebook dating is not an application on its own, It is an inbuilt service found and embedded in the main Facebook application.

To find or access Facebook dating you must first have the main Facebook account. Facebook dating is one of the new services provided by Facebook for users who are finding a platform to find love and a partner. Facebook users can now find love through shared interests, events, and groups. Facebook dating also allows users to integrate their Instagram posts directly to their Facebook dating profile.

How to Find the Facebook Dating App Feature

How to find Facebook dating will be explained extensively in this article, you will be enlightened on the guidelines and step by step approach on how to find Facebook dating on the main Facebook application. The Facebook dating application is not a separate application on its self as said earlier to find it you need a valid Facebook account first.

Your dating activity on Facebook dating application is extended to your traditional friends on Facebook. What happens on your Facebook dating account is secured and your privacy is guaranteed. How to find Facebook dating is a question frequently asked by those who want to make use of the Facebook dating application and this article would provide an extensive answer to the question.

How to Activate Facebook Dating Feature

The first step you have to take on how to find the Facebook dating app feature is to have first downloaded the main Facebook application and installed in on your device. As said earlier Facebook main application serves as a dwelling place for Facebook dating application, it houses the application of self. To find and activate Facebook dating you must have first downloaded the main Facebook application and opened a valid account. If you have done this or you have a Facebook account and want to create a Facebook datingΒ  account, follow the below guidelines which will assist you on how to find Facebook dating;

  1. Ensure active data connection on your device
  2. Launch the Facebook app on your device
  3. Then log in to your Facebook account
  4. Click the menu option on the application
  5. Tap the red heart icon on the menu option
  6. Then click on get started
  7. Then follow the instructions that would be given to set up a dating profile after the activation

The next step after finding and activating your Facebook dating application is to create a Facebook dating profile. While creating the profile users will be asked to enter their location, gender, preference and upload a profile picture

How to Deactivate Facebook Dating

Most people would have their own respective and personal reasons for doing things or carrying out an action. As a user of the Facebook dating application, if you have an incentive to deactivate or disable your Facebook dating application all you have to do is to follow the below steps.

  1. Make sure your device has a stable internet connection
  2. Login to your Facebook account.
  3. Go to dating in the Facebook menu option
  4. Then tap on the icon on the right side of the screen
  5. Tap delete or deactivate profile under the general settings
  6. Then click on delete or deactivate

Following the above steps will ensure the easy deactivation of your Facebook dating account and profile.

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