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Facebook Dating in America Groups For Americans | American FB Sites – FB dating lives within the existing Facebook app but to access it, you need to set up a separate profile. Facebook is entering a crowded online dating market in the US, but the company also has peculiar advantages weighing in its favor.

The social networking giant is also using Dating’s US debut to release some privacy and security features within the service. FB also plans to integrate Instagram as part of the dating adventure.

Facebook Dating in America was just recently introduced but you have nothing to worry about because it is built upon a well-established safety practice for online dating.

Facebook Dating in America Groups

How To Opt Into Facebook Dating Groups For Americans

With these easy steps, you can now locate your partner and begin a long-lasting relationship:
⦁ Update your Facebook iOS or Android app to the latest version,
⦁ Facebook Dating will appear in a new tab which can be found in the main menu of the app,
⦁ Go there to locate the Facebook dating group that you are attracted to,
⦁ Or you can simply go to the search bar and look for dating groups in America.

Note: You have to be very careful about sharing personal details on any group. For instance, phone numbers, pictures & documents are highly prohibited but other than that enjoy your love life.

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