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Facebook Email Address – Facebook Email – Facebook Email Account – Facebook Email is an email address generated by Facebook for every user’s profile. It is a means through which other Facebook users can reach you and also a mean of accessing your account. This isn’t the Gmail or Yahoo Mail you enter while signing up or signing in. FB Email is the email associated with your Facebook username on your Facebook Profile.

When signing up for Facebook, you get to a part where you are asked to input your username. This is where you create your Facebook Email. The email comes from your username. That is, if your name is Michael Roberts, then your FB Email would be michaelroberts@facebook.com .

How to Access Your Facebook Email

You receive messages constantly in your FB Email even without knowing. Your Facebook Message Icon serves this function. It gives you access to receive and send messages to other peoples FB mail. To access your FB Email, follow these steps:

  • Login your Facebook account
  • Navigate your way to “Settings”
  • Click on the “General Account Settings”
  • Find “Username”
  • Click on “Edit to view email address”

Following the steps above you will know what your FB Email address is.

Facebook Email Update

Updating your FB Email still follows the same process. You have to be very careful while doing this because once you change your Facebook Username; your FB Email address would be altered. And it takes about 3 months before you are granted access to change your username. To edit your FB Email:

  • Login your Facebook Account
  • Locate “Settings”
  • Click “General Settings”
  • Locate username
  • Click “Edit to view email address”

That is how you edit your Facebook Email Address in just no time. Never forget to contact the Facebook Help Center anytime you are confronted with anything as regards the Facebook platform.

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