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Facebook Free Easy Avatar Maker – Create Avatar Facebook | My Avatar Facebook – Facebook Avatar is a new feature developed by Facebook that is focused on helping users create their own avatar emoji. This tells you that instead of making use of the regular emoji on Facebook, you can now create your own avatar and make use of them to communicate with people. This feature is totally free and can be used by anyone so long as you are a Facebook user. Although it isn’t currently available in all countries so, if you check your Facebook app and can’t find it, it means you have to relax till it comes to your country.

Using the Facebook avatar, you can specially customize your own avatars. You get to choose the hairstyle, skin tone, apparel, the color of eyes, and many more. I mean, this is your own avatar and it’s your duty to create it in a way that it looks stunning to your viewers. One thing people have loved Facebook for over the years is the fact they make all their features free. Most features similar to theirs are paid for but Facebook is more interested in the joy their users get from using these tools as a means to increase connectivity.

Create Avatar on Facebook

Create Avatar

Before you can create your own Facebook Avatar, you need to have the Facebook mobile app. After this, the next step is to know where the Facebook Avatar Creator is. Only users who have the feature in their countries can access it. You would also need to upgrade your Facebook app if you are not making use of the latest version.

How to Find the Facebook Avatar Creator

Now, you have the new version, finding the avatar creator for Facebook isn’t going to be difficult in any way. Kindly follow the guide below:

  • Open your Facebook app on your mobile device (Android or iOS)
  • Tap on the menu icon with three horizontal lines at your top right
  • Scroll down and tap the icon with the inscription β€œAvatars”

Once you get to the avatar creator page on Facebook, you will come across diverse options you can use in creating your own avatar.

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