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What is “Facebook game cards”? Do you know that you can now play games on the Facebook platform as a registered Facebook user? Yes, Facebook users can now easily play their favorite games right on the Facebook platform. All they need to do to get this done is to identify the very game they feel like playing and start playing. Isn’t that great? And come to think of it, the process is completely straight forward and hassle-free.

The platform, facebook, keeps coming up with creative ways to keep its users satisfied and occupied. The facebook games feature is one of the ways devised by this great platform to achieve the latter. Besides making games available to users on the platform, there are other ways with which users can get the very best of these games. With the latter being said, I hereby introduce you to the title of this very article, “Facebook game cards”.

What Are Facebook Game Cards

Have you ever noticed that when playing some games, you will be required to purchase some items in order to get the very best off these games? If you have then you have no issue of understanding what this is all about. The game cards are just a simple and very popular means of purchasing items within games. These cards can, therefore, be said to have monetary values. That’s just what the facebook game cards is all about.

How to Purchase Facebook Game Cards

They can be purchased in retail outlets in selected regions. These game cards are available in over 20 countries and can be purchased in approximately 130,000 retail outlets and locations worldwide

How to Redeem Facebook Game Cards

Now that you know what the topic is all about, do you know how to redeem these cards? I will be giving you steps below to follow in order to successfully redeem these cards;

    • On your device go to the official game cards page at www.facebook.com/gamecards.
    • On the game cards page, tap or click on the redeem code tab.
  • Enter the card pin at the back of the card and click on redeem.
  • On the next page, select your preferred currency and click on continue.

Immediately, the value of the card will be added to your account balance and you can now start purchasing in-game items. After redeeming a card that card becomes useless, in other words, you cannot make use of the card again.

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