Facebook Gaming Live Streaming – How to Create a Gaming Video Creator Page on Facebook

Facebook Gaming Live Streaming – How to Create a Gaming Video Creator Page on Facebook – Facebook is big, but guess what? Facebook is getting even bigger. Facebook has added a whole lot of features on the network. With Facebook live, users can now upload contents of whatever they’re doing at the moment, and users can also get to stream these contents too. In light of this, Facebook gaming live streaming is even more fun and is continually winning the hearts of many, which we shall be discussing in detail in today’s article.

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Facebook gaming live streaming simply involves the use of their Facebook account to connect with external streaming apps to play games and then broadcast these games online, which in turn becomes available for your followers to stream directly at that instant. This feature on Facebook is one that is particularly getting a lot of thumbs up as more and more people tend to enjoy the live streaming experience.

Facebook Gaming Live Streaming | How to Create a Gaming Video Creator Page

Before going live on Facebook, it’s important to know how to set up a gaming video creator page, this page is important because it will serve as a platform for you to stream and build up your audience, below is a guide for you to quickly set up gaming video creator page:

  1. Log on to Facebook gaming video creator page at Facebook.com/pages
  2. Enter a suitable name for your page and then select “continue”.
  3. You may select upload to upload a profile picture if you want, or
  4. The same ( in step 4) applies to your cover photo
  5. You could allow your friends to get notification about your new page by selecting send notification or skip, as you prefer.

After you follow these steps, you would have successfully opened a gaming video creator page, which leads us to the next part: going Live.

Facebook Gaming Videos | Going live

Going live on Facebook also has its steps, and it’s nothing difficult at all, just follow the steps below and you should get started in no time:

  1. Go to the Facebook creator portal page at Facebook.com/live/create.
  2. Select create live stream
  3. You’ll see an option asking you to choose where to post your live broadcast, then you’ll select your gaming video creator page that you just created.
  4. Copy your stream key or server URL and paste it in the settings of whatever streaming software you’re using
  5. Select Facebook live under Service.

After these, you may go to your streaming software to begin streaming. You can then tag the game and write a short description for your viewers, then select Go Live to begin your stream. You can also mange your streaming activities on the gaming portal streamer dashboard.

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