Facebook Gaming Monetization – Facebook Instant Games Monetization

Facebook Gaming Monetization – Facebook Instant Games Monetization – We all do understand what we call ‘monetization which is the conversion of something into money. Therefore, game monetization is the process by which a game developer can make money from its game creation. Facebook has been one of the most prominent social networks now offers game developers the ability to monetize their games by displaying ads to their players.

Facebook Gaming Monetization

Facebook gaming monetization is the process by which game developers generate income from their game by displaying ads and in-app purchases on Facebook via Instant Games. This a sure clear chance for game developers to expand their games outreach to many users operating on Facebook having billions of active users.  There are two approaches in which you can monetize your games which are:

  • In-app ads via audience network
  • Monetizing via in-app purchases

In-app Purchases Ads via Audience Network – Facebook Instant Games Monetization

You can monetize your games through audience networks embedded in instant games. Through this means, you can gain cash by displaying interstitial and rewarded video ads. In monetizing your game through audience network, follow the provided steps:

  • Go to instant games developer documentation and follow the given steps in creating and uploading your game.
  • Submit your app once you are done.
  • As soon as your app is ratified, go to https://www.developers.facebook.com/apps
  • Log in and move on to your dashboard, then click on the ‘Product’ section
  • On the section, go to the Audience Network and tap on ‘set up’.
  • Once you are done with the process, go to ‘Monetization Manager’.
  • Select your display format
  • Click on ‘Next’ to design your ad placement.
  • Insert your payout info
  • Send your app or review
  • Tap on your business name
  • Click on ‘manage property’.
  • Tap on an ‘ad space’
  • Click on ‘get code’ or ‘copy ID’ based on your choice.
  • Go along with the instructions provided.

Currently, you should have your ads displaying in your instant games. You should note that if you own more than one instant games platform, make sure you attach it to a new property.

Facebook Monetizing via In-app Purchases

Through Facebook instant games, you can monetize games using in-app purchases. With the aim of monetizing your game via in-app purchases, one needs to get authorization from Audience Network after qualifying for in-app purchase review. For you to monetize your games via in-app purchases, you need to:

  • Organize your instant game by opening instant games developer documentation.
  • Keep to the steps provided and submit them once you are done.
  • Go to the in-app purchases section and configure your settings.
  • Go to https://www.developers.facebook.com/apps
  • Log in and scroll to the ‘add a product’ segment
  • Click on ‘set up’ on the ‘Audience Network’ section
  • Go to ‘Monetization Manager’
  • Select any of the display formats
  • Click on ‘Next’ to establish your ad placement.
  • Fill up the payout info
  • Go to properties under the ‘manage property’ section to get your code and follow the given instructions.
  • Submit your app for purchase review.

Finally, you have completed the above steps. You are now eligible to monetize your game with in-app purchases. You can also get keep an eye on the status of your review by utilizing the review tab on the dashboard.

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