Facebook Gift Cards Online Uses | Facebook Game Card Redeem

Facebook Gift Cards Online Uses | Facebook Game Card Redeem – Well thanks to the idea of gaming on Facebook, Facebook users now have to things to keep them busy in downtimes. There are lots of Facebook games and apps users can select to play alone or with their Facebook friends. While playing these games users usually come across difficult levels and need an item to get through them. That’s where the need for using Facebook gift cards comes in.

Facebook gift cards are means which Facebook users can use to buy game items when playing Facebook games. This is a very easy means of acquiring items on Facebook games. It comes in handy rather than using other Facebook payment option that requires long processes. Making it a must use for Facebook gamers out there.

Facebook Gift Card Online Uses | Facebook Game Card Redeem | Top Facebook Account Balance

The usage of Facebook gift cards is a service many Facebook users do not know about. Well, this is not their fault. It may be due to the fact that Facebook only allows the use of it on buying Facebook games items. Facebook users are even suggesting they bring up means to use Facebook gift cards for Facebook advertising services. Well since its upcoming service, later on, the platform will surely add other things.

Users can call Facebook gift cards a Facebook game card, there no difference between the two of them. When a user wants to purchase one, they can use any of the above names. The card is available to buy on the Facebook app center. There a link there that will direct users to where they can purchase one online. Another method is walking into local stores to get one if they are available there.

Facebook account owners can gift their Facebook friends a Facebook game card if they wish to. This is possible as long as the user has not redeemed it and it is activated by the card retailer. All the user needs to do is send the code on the gift card to their friend via Facebook messenger. Once their friend receives it, they can redeem it on their Facebook account and top their Facebook balance.

To redeem the Facebook game card, the user needs an active internet connection and Facebook account. Once this is in place users open www.facebook.com/gamecards/redeem their web browser to redeem the card. Once a user redeems a Facebook card, they will top up their Facebook account balance with the value of the card. The user will now be able to buy any item they want on Facebook games.

How to Buy Items on Facebook Games

Users can purchase items on Facebook games anytime they want on their Facebook account to improve their Facebook gaming experience. This is possible as long as they have enough money in their Facebook Balance to cover the payment. Users playing games on Facebook and comes across items with price tags can buy them with the steps below.

  1. Connect your device to an active internet connection.
  2. Launch the device web browser.
  3. Open the Facebook.com website on the web browser.
  4. Complete Facebook signs in if necessary, to access your Facebook account.
  5. Open the Facebook game you want to buy something in.
  6. Select what you want to buy or the currency you want to acquire.
  7. Click the buy button.

Immediately after the above steps, the user will successfully purchase the item. Users have to ensure that their Facebook balance is enough to pay for the item before carrying the above steps. If not, they will need to select another payment option to purchase the item. One important point to note is that users can use their Facebook balance to only buy items on games they play on Facebook.com.

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