Facebook Globe Mode – Activate Facebook on Globe Free – Facebook Free Globe Mode

Facebook Globe Mode – Activate Facebook on Globe Free – Facebook Free Globe Mode – Globe Telecom as of late dispatched an association with Facebook to offer the online media free of charge to its subscribers. It doesn’t make any difference whether you utilize the Facebook App or your browser.

Nonetheless, numerous Globe clients whined that their heap was as yet spent when they perused Facebook. Henceforth, I chose to set up an authoritative, bit by bit guide on the best way to utilize Facebook with the expectation of complimentary utilizing a Globe sim card.

Facebook Free Mode on Globe

Facebook Globe Mode

Globe Free Facebook allows you to get to facebook at no expense, accessible for Globe and TM. Yet, for certain impediments like, no pictures and video review, and visiting outsider connections will notify you that you are leaving Facebook with free data and will be charged for data utilization. In any case, you can likewise peruse Free FB with Image by doing a few changes, or you can likewise attempt Bonus FB, 7 days Free Facebook for Globe and TM.

How to Activate Free Facebook on Globe

  • Using a cellphone with a Globe or TM sim, dial *143# and press the call button. A menu will appear enumerating 10 options. Choose Free FB by typing 2 and then press Send.
  • In order to access Facebook for free, you must first have some sort of mobile data connection. If you’re on prepaid like most of us, make sure you have the following APN settings:
  • This promo of Globe is integrated with Facebook. You have to provide Globe access to the information found in your Facebook account and Globe will then share your balance status with Facebook.

The promo is open for an initial period of three months and you will be notified about data charges in case you will browse outside Facebook. What are you waiting for? Enjoy posting status updates, photos, comments and more for free!


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