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Facebook Insights Tool – Facebook Insight – Facebook Insights Audience – If you are a digital marketer, you will agree with me that analytical tools are very helpful in growing your online presence or business. This is what Facebook Insights helps users do. This analytical tool gives insight using demographic data to show   the audience you’ve been able to reach in a particular day, week, and month.

Facebook Insight helps users know if there Facebook Fan Page or Online Business on FB is growing. With compiled statistics from FB Insights you can estimate what your audience find as most engaging and take advantage of this.

Facebook Audience Insights

To locate the Facebook Audience Insights, you have to go through the Facebook Ads Manager. You don’t have to pay in other to access the FB audience Insight. It is totally free and gives you quality data with demographic. This data gives users knowledge about their competitors and audience.

The Facebook Fan Page Insights tool can be accessed by the page admins. This helps you monitor the activities of your users and the performance of your page.

How to Access Facebook Insights Tool

Locating the Facebook Audience Insights is pretty easy and honestly, it isn’t complicated when it comes to you using it. Just follow these steps to find the Facebook Audience Insights.

  • Locate “Ads Manager” on your Facebook Page
  • Click “Tools” found at the top of your page
  • Choose “Audience Insights”

From this, you can now choose your audience and define your seed audience. Also, from the data available to you, you can see your page likes and top categories.

Advantages of Facebook Insight Tool

  • It helps you strategize on how to publish your contents
  • Enlightens you on which audience most need what you are publishing
  • Makes you know what kind of contents your audience best appreciate

Take advantage of this and grow your online presence on Facebook.

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