Facebook Instant Messenger 2020 – Facebook Instant Messaging – Messenger Facebook Messages

Facebook Instant Messenger 2020 – Facebook Instant Messaging – Messenger Facebook Messages – Messenger Facebook Install – How to Add Friends on Facebook Messenger – Facebook Download Messenger App – Messenger App Download 2020 – Messenger Room 2020.

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What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s install messaging app which helps users of the Facebook service communicate with one another using some inbuilt tools and features.

Communication on Facebook has been taken to a much more advanced level at this time. It is a much easier way for Facebook users to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones. This is because the service is totally free to use so long as you have a Facebook account.


Features of Facebook Instant Messenger

Facebook Instant Messenger

Facebook Instant Messaging is very useful globally. Below are the features of this app:

  • Text Chat
  • Video Call
  • Voice Call
  • Messenger Room

Text Chat – Users get to communicate with their friends texting one another instantly. Also, you are allowed to use expressive features like; smileys, stickers, emoji, and Facebook Avatar

Video Call – This is commands the visual presence of individuals engaged in it. You both get to see one another just like you are in the same place

Voice Call – It functions like your usually call i.e., entirely audio communication. People have to make use of the Messenger app to call their Facebook friends.

Messenger Room – This is a newly introduced feature to the Messenger App. Using it, you can have a group video call with up to 50 friends and your friends who are not Facebook users can participate via the link sent across to them.


Messenger Facebook Install

The Messenger app is useful to only Facebook users. Meaning, you must have a Facebook account if not, installing the app would be of no use. The app is available on several operating systems like; Android, iOS, and Windows. So long as you have a smart device, you won’t have an issue downloading the Messenger App.

Facebook Download Messenger App – Messenger App Download 2020

Messenger app makes it really easy for you to send and receive messages on Facebook. This app functions as a stand-alone app separate from the Facebook official app. Meaning, you may not be online on Facebook but will receive a messenger notification for a message which comes in a small circle and an amazing sound to let you know it’s Facebook Messenger. The circle will have a profile picture of the friend who sent you the message. Even if more than one person sends you a message, you will receive all of them. With a click on the small circle notification of any friend, a chat window pops open and you can see the message sent and also give your reply. The voice call and video call icons are found at the top of your chat window. With a click on any of them, a call is sent through to your friend. You can also receive calls when you aren’t online.

The first criterion for having the Messenger app is, having a smart device. Once you have this, you can visit your App Store whether Google Playstore, Apple App Store, or Microsoft Store to download the Messenger app like you do for other apps.


How to Add Friends on Facebook Messenger

Firstly, before you try adding friends on Facebook Messenger, you can chat with individuals who are already your Facebook friends. All you need do is make a search for them using the search bar at the top of your Messenger app with their FB username. What this tells you is that you need to send a Facebook friend request to the person you want to chat with on Messenger and once he/she accepts, you can now start chatting with the person.

Facebook gives a prompt to add contacts from your mobile device too.

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