Facebook Interactive Games – Interactive Facebook Post Games

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Facebook Interactive Games – Interactive Facebook Post Games – Facebook Interactive Games are just one of the most fun games on Facebook to play. Facebook users don’t get tired of playing these kinds of games. Since the introduction of the gaming feature to the Facebook service, people have found Facebook more interesting than it used to be. This is because most of these games are developed in such a way users can spend time with their friends and loved ones as they play. If you are wondering what interactive games are, then just relax, it will be explained to you shortly.

What are Interactive Games?

Interactive Games are responsive games that give feedback to the players based on what they communicated to it. These games are centered on communication and are created intelligently to effectively communicate with the players.

Facebook Interactive Games

Facebook Interactive Games

These interactive games on Facebook are most times created by Facebook users. Anyone could come with a nice idea to keep their audience engaged. Most times, people get to create live trivia games using the LiveReacting Website. This website in question was developed to help Facebook users have interactive live videos. It comes with tools to help users create their own question and answer game. People really love playing this game and the moderator of the game gets to monitor the game as he connects and interacts with the players.

Using LiveReacting to Creative Interactive Live Videos on Facebook

LiveReacting is a simple but very effective tool used in creating interactive live videos which can be published on Facebook. It is published either on a user’s personal profile or page. These interactive videos created using LiveReacting include:

  • Games
  • Voting
  • Countdowns

You can also stream pre-recorded videos

How to Create a Facebook Interactive Game Using LiveReacting Service

You can create really interactive and engaging games to capture the attention of Facebook users with the aid of the LiveReacting Service. People use it a lot to create live trivia games on Facebook. To create yours, follow the steps below:

  • Using your Facebook account, sign up for LiveReacting if you don’t yet have an account.
  • Grant LiveReacting access to your profile and Facebook pages managed by you. If you have an account, you can simply login to your LiveReacting account.
  • Go to your dashboard and select one out of the trivia game templates in the list.
  • To start editing your game, click on the trivia game layer at the right-sidebar and then click QUESTIONS CONFIG.
  • Choose the number of questions and select the category.
  • Choose the level of your game from easy to hard or choose any.
  • Fill all the questions and answers manually. In each section, type in your question, type in your answer, and three answers that are incorrect then, click Save
  • After you save, all the questions will go to the game appearance where you can set your title, background, logo, and time.
  • For the review of all your visual settings, click on the top right corner of the trivia game sections in the editor.
  • Click Game Appearance on the right-sidebar to set up different configurations for every game screen and click Save after you do this for every screen.
  • Carefully check how every screen looks like.
  • Now to stream your game, click on the Settings icon.
  • Select the page where you want to stream your game.
  • Enter a title, make a description, and choose live stream duration.
  • Click GO LIVE and your game will be streamed on Facebook in just a few seconds.

You can come up with creative trivia game ideas people would love to play. The LiveReacting tool user interface makes it really easy to create Facebook interactive Games.

This game will bring you lots of engagement since people would want to comment and also win.

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