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Facebook Help Center For Facebook Problems – is a help center built by the company to support users with whatever they want and whatever issue they might be facing. Facebook is a social giant has over 2.7 billion monthly users, making it the biggest social media in the world presently.

The company has made a great impact in the world today, helping in various ways like; buying and selling on the Facebook market place, advertising, playing games, and even chatting with friends. With lots of other amazing features attached to it like Facebook Dating sites and FB avatar.

Facebook Help Center For Facebook Problems

The help center has also been of great help lately, reports from people on Facebook help the team identify and fix problems when somethings are not working correctly. Reporting issues when they happen helps make Facebook better and appreciate the time it takes to give this information.

How To Report An Issue On Facebook Help Center For Facebook Problems

Due to the kind of issues users face today in their account, it is advisable to seek help when you’re in need of someone or better still the FB help center. If you have no idea how to do that, I will be guiding you with some easy steps.
⦁ Log into your Facebook account and click on the hamburger icon on the top right of the page;
⦁ Scroll to the bottom and tap Help & Support;
⦁ Click Report a problem
⦁ You will be asked to select the feature you have an issue with or you can describe the issue by typing it in;
⦁ Tap send.
Its a very simple process you can do at any given time. Now you need not worry about little issues you encounter on your adventure with Facebook.

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    I can’t activation my old facebook account.so what can i do ? My account name.

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