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Facebook Live Mobile App – Facebook Live Video | How to Go Facebook Live – Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to go on Facebook Live? You must have seen some video broadcast users on the platform lately. There is a means of engaging with your audience either on a group or other Facebook environment with a live video section. This will show your viewers whatever you are doing in real life. The Facebook Live feature can be used by marketers to share their product details on a live video section as well as other business owners on Facebook. I will be engaging you with the basic necessities of the Facebook Live basics and tips o this article, so it is best if you take the time to read more on it.

Facebook Live

This feature was launched to Facebook in April 2016, and it is a live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast from their mobile device or PC directly to Facebook News Feed. It has been a popular feature for marketers and business owners on the Facebook platform as they can use it to describe and detail their products and job activities in a broadcast section on this social platform.

How to Go on Facebook Live From Facebook Mobile App

Facebook Live Video

Facebook users can access the Facebook live video broadcast via the Facebook mobile app. It can be used on iOS or Android mobile devices. Below is the procedure to go on Facebook Live:

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the camera icon from the top left side of the Facebook platform (You can also access the Facebook Live from the “What is on your mind” section, and then tap on Live Video).
  • Give Facebook access to your device camera and microphone when prompted.
  • Then switch to “Live” on the bottom of your camera screen, and choose your privacy and posting settings.
  • Write a description for your video broadcast (you can also tag friends, choose a location, or add an activity).
  • Set your camera orientation and add filters if you require it.
  • Tap on the “Start Live Video” button to start the video broadcast.
  • Then tap on “Finish” to end the broadcast, and then post your replies and video to your camera roll.

Your video will be saved to your camera roll and also can be viewed by Facebook users even after the end of the broadcast. You can set the privacy setting to edit who can view your live video broadcast.

How to Go on Facebook Live From PC

For the PC users, it is also easy to start your live video broadcast on the PC. The steps to broadcasting a live video on your PC include:

  • Go to the Facebook web page facebook.com.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account by providing your username and password.
  • You can click on any page you are already a member of or you can go to your page.
  • Click on the “Write something” box as if you want to make a new post.
  • Then click on “See More”,
  • Select and click on “Start a Live Video”.
  • Write a description of the live video you want to start to broadcast on. It will appear on the page timeline and in the news feed.
  • Give Facebook platform permission to access your device camera and microphone.
  • Click “Go Live” to start your video broadcast.

Now you will go live and whatever you do on the video will appear in the News Feed and on the page timeline. You can edit the privacy setting by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the upper-right-hand corner of the Facebook Live section.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature used on the Facebook social network. These features access the use of the camera on either your PC or mobile device to broadcast real live time video to this social platform. Only Facebook account owners can get to use this feature, and they can decide who on Facebook can see their video and use this content to engage their audience during the broadcast session.

Facebook Live Tips

To get involved in the Facebook Live, it is advisable for Facebook users to get the tips that can help them on it. Here are some Facebook Live tips:

  • It is important to test out live video using the “Only me” privacy setting.
  • Users are to space out live videos with other Facebook posts.
  • It is required to always reintroduce yourself on Live.
  • You should try to engage others in the live video. You can mention the commenter’s name as you go on.
  • Make it spontaneous.
  • You should always encourage viewers to like and share the video.
  • It is good to subtitle your broadcast in the comments section.
  • The broadcast time should be at least 10 minutes.
  • Add a link to the description later.

Listed above are some basic pro tips required for users to act on during the Facebook Live videos broadcast.

Facebook Sign Up

As this feature is meant to be done on Facebook, it is required of users to get a Facebook account to partake. Already owners of a Facebook account can skip this process and log in to their account. The Facebook sign up the process include:

  • Launch either your web browser on your PC or the Facebook mobile app (search for facebook.com on your web browser for PC users).
  • Go to “Create an account” or click/tap on Sign Up.
  • Fill in your first name, surname, phone number or email address, new password, date of birth, and gender.
  • Click/Tap on Sign Up.
  • Provide the verification code that will be sent to either your phone number or email address.
  • Then proceed to Sign Up.

Your account will be created in seconds and you can set other details about yourself from this section.

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